Thursday, May 03, 2007

Those were the days....

You know when we were in school, clubs or societies in school had this fund raising activities by selling tiny little things ie. chocs, candies, hanky & etc called REQUEST”. We were given a piece of ‘order form’ to fill in and pay for our orders, ie. to who, in which class, message and from who. So, when the day is up, the committee will distribute these ‘requests’ and many people will get surprise ‘little gift’. It could be birthday wish, secret admirer, friendships, apologies, anything in the world we could think of. There were even times, when ‘requests’ were sent so romantically and creatively meaningful, for example, if the girl’s name is MAY, the sender will send 3 ‘requests’ with messages: M - May you be well; A - and happy because; Y – You are my everything. Something of that sort. :-)

Well, I went through some old junks back at home. Ya, these stuffs I left at home are sentimental. Those were the ‘requests’ I received when we were in schools. And I found all the birthday cards I received over the years, not to mention, CNY cards, X’mas greetings. They are still well kept, over a decade. :-p Last but not least, letters I received from a pen pal I know in year 1997 and letters and birthday cards my friends sent when I was in university. Wow, that time, snail mail was popular, and I remember SMSes started only when I was in first year.

I wonder if card makers are going down the drain nowadays, since e-greetings are more popular, and I think unless it is absolutely necessary, we wouldn’t bother buying a card, write and send via post. It’s troublesome and not efficient. :-p

So, I went through those letters my pen pal, SY wrote. Starting in year 1997, up to when I went to Penang, he wrote to hostel. Met him perhaps once a year then. Not sure what happened after that, coz we didn’t write to each other anymore. I last heard he was getting married, and this was like years back. I sent him a sms testing if he is still using the same number. He replied and yes, everything comes back to us. Hahaha… he is still very into badminton, got married year 2005. Wow… time flies.. :-)

3 lil' thoughts:

babyfiona on 3:56 PM said...

REQUEST thingy..i totally forgot about that . Hahaha, u remind me, time really flies huh..

Colleen on 4:02 PM said...

Oh ya.. like u said, we are not getting younger.. :-(

Bartholomew said...

The dude is completely just, and there is no suspicion.
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