Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Issac Turns 1!

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13th Dec’11

I decided to start posting here on Issac’s development. In case my memory fails on me when I aged. It is already not good to start with.

This morning when hubby and I were all changed for work, Issac came to my feet and tugged my skirt, wanted to be carried. I lifted him up, and he waved bye to helper. Hahahaha… he was so cute! He thought we were going out!

He hung on to me, only to grab me harder when helper tried to pull him away. He protested and started screaming, had to insist that we are going to work and not out gaigai, and I kissed him bye and left without looking back.

Separation anxiety attacked me again. I really wonder if I could live with separation anxiety when it’s time to send him to school in 6 months or less. Such a useless mother I am.

Talking about school, just when we thought we have decided to send him to MMI Kovan, a friend told us that she heard some kids couldn’t adapt to the conventional teaching when they enter Primary school.

Hubby and I have a lot to consider!

Issac’s 1st Birthday Celebration

It has been some time since I last posted. The year went so eventful that I hardly had the time to sit down to do some readings on my own, what to say blogging.

Issac officially turned 1 on 3rd Dec’11.

We had a simple celebration in a very cosy café called With A Pinch of Salt. We invited close family and friends to join in the celebration. Birthday boy was at the peak of strangers anxiety, he hung on to us, refused to be carried by any other people.

At the end of it, hubby planted a kiss on my lips and says “well done, dear”.

Hope Issac grows up a healthy and happy boy.

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