Friday, May 11, 2007

I love PayPerPost

This is a sponsored post
I first started this blog to pen down my thoughts. Then I chanced upon my dearest old friend, Fiona’s blog with many sponsored posts. I wasn’t really interested in the beginning, as I thought to myself, “what a scam”. But as time goes by, I am curious to know, if it’s for real. I mean, are the opportunities to write what you like and get paid for it, IS FOR REAL?

So, I signed up with PayPerPost somewhere end of Apr’07. Then started with my first opportunity, to write about Stone Hawk. The first time, I was rejected; because I didn’t know I was supposed to indicate in my post that it was sponsored or something of that sort. So, I re-submitted my post and got it approved. And there, I earned U$12 for that post.

All in all, I have grabbed a few opportunities that came along. Sometimes, I am so excited about what opportunities would be available. When I log in PayPerPost, I refresh my page numerous times, to make sure that I get the opportunities once available. PayPerPost offers more opportunities to blogs with heavier traffic, so, I am working hard to expand my blogging network and hopped from blog to blog to know more people.

Now, my blog is a bit commercialized, but who would resist money you get by doing something you like? For me, it’s definitely writing…

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