Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My very first snow [flakes] experience....

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Stone pointed to my back and said “look, Colleen!”

I turned to my back, saw nothing, turned back to him and asked, blankly, “what?”

Stone said, excitedly, “It’s snowing!!”

I turned again, trying my very best to contain my excitement. “Really?” and stared hard through the glasses.

“Oh my God….”

“You can go out there and touch them….”, Stone added.

Well, I was in a meeting, mind you, so, I decided to give it a pass. But, secretly, I stared through the glasses, again and again, again and again.

Finally, Stone said “ok, let’s take a break”.

I went to my bag and got the camera out. I asked JianPing to take some pictures and a video of me, “playing” with the flakes. God, the feeling was good.

It was romantic. It looked just like in the movie…. That was my first snow [flakes] experience. :-)

Before Stone left, he said, “tomorrow morning, when you wake up, there will be snow everywhere…” I am so full of hope. :-p

[I will be in Wuxi for the rest of the week, except for a day trip to Chengdu on Thursday. Heard that it’s likely to snow in Chengdu on Thursday! Can’t wait….]

Monday, January 07, 2008

Catching up with J...

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Feel a bit feverish, with extremely bad throat and itchy nose. Wondering if it’s because there is no schedule to travel anytime soon? Hehe.. lame.. I know.. but it felt like been months since I last traveled. :-)

I was supposed to meet K for Warlords and dinner on Sat after my facial at JE. Then, I planned to meet J for a drink or something at Bishan. Then, J smsed saying she can meet earlier coz she wasn’t occupied. So, I kelam-kabut made a decision. Fly K plane. :-p Never mind, guys don’t mind that much. Hehehe…

Met up with J whom I have not met for donkey years at Bugis instead. She is seconded to Sg for a year. It was drizzling and we had early dinner at V8, my favorite restaurant. Then, we went to pray at the temple and shopped around. God, been time since I walked that much. Now that I think about it, my fever maybe caused by the rain that day… :-(

Quoting YJ, it feels good to catch up with an old friend….. :-)

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