Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good, but not good enough...

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I thought I was treating MIL really well, was attentive towards her needs though at times couldn't understand the traditional side of her. Last night, when we got home from work, she told us she was referred to TTSH for a more thorough check-up on her throat.

She had been complaining about bad throats for months now. That was why she restraint from taking fried and oily food. She had never ate anything fried, though she prepares them all the time, for who else, but us. I felt bad coz I have never paid too much attention on the painful throat. Other than ocassional double boiling pear and pei pah gao for her and hubby.

As hubby was not able to take the day off today, I had to company MIL to TTSH. Hubby dropped us at the hospital. Appointment was at 10am, but we were already there at 8.49am.

The doc was an Indian, so I had to act as the interpreter.

"What kind of medicine is she taking now..?"
"Any drug allergic?"

I was like, "err..."

Deep down, I thought to myself, if one day, MIL fainted and need medical assistance, we'll have problem. The consolation was, the hospital could access the polyclinic's medical record. Phew...

Btw, MIL is 79 years old this year....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


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When the recession first hit "us", I told my colleagues, this is the first time I feel the impact. One of them said, "you shouldn't feel the impact unless if you play shares". At that time, I just felt uneasy. Now, months into the recesssion, I feel more and more insecured.

It's the first recession ever since I graduated, the first since I live on my own income. Many said I have hubby to rely on now, I do not have to worry about not having a roof over my head. But, that's still beside the point.

When the BIG GUYS in Automotive went down the drain, my sales figures followed suit. I was told to be prepared for the worst, to find some small business I could do with hubby. I was actually prepared for the worst then, coz I realised, in this realistic world, at this point of time only $$$ matters. My sales dropped tremendously, and it's only right if company really decided to ask me to go.

I was told again this time, to "jump boat" if I found better opportunity. In this time? You must be kidding, but that's yet another reality. The VP for AP already gone. HQ had already been re-structured thrice. Customers have been badly affected. VSS, restructured, pay-cut, shutdown, you name it.

I took the most leaves end of Dec to Jan in my working history. It was not just because of the wedding, or you can say, it just coincide with the wedding. We were asked to clear all our 2008 leaves by end of Jan. So, luckily, wedding was in Jan, I managed to clear my leaves, with a meaningful purpose.

Now, we are asked to clear our Jan & Feb leaves. Hubby suggested to go for a short road trip along East Coast, towards Terengganu to look at turtles. :-) I would have wanted to go somewhere further if not because of the recession. I am glad we did not spend a fortune on our once-in-a-lifetime wedding plus the honeymoon. We cancelled our Europe trip and decided to go to Bali instead, though we have changed EURO at a really good rate, we choose to keep the EUROs for now.

Hubby says it's not the worst yet, the nightmare is far from over. I am really worried...

Friday, February 06, 2009

We got married... :-)

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It have been months since I last wrote here. So many things happened over the short period.

I got engaged in July last year, busy preparing for wedding and we finally got married on 3rd Jan'09. :-)

We wanted it to be a very simple ceremony, but ended doing something more, but still quite simple.
I was complaining about the hassles and efforts to put in for the wedding, but now that it's over, I wish I could have more time to enjoy the process. :-p

It's a brand new chapter in life, I am not able to tell what is the difference yet, other than, I'll have to get used to people addressing me "Mrs. Teo". :-)

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