Friday, May 25, 2007

Early Birthday Gift :-)

My bro sent me sms last night telling me he has free voucher for either facial treatment worth S$270 or body massage worth S$190, to be redeemed by citizen or PR only.

So, he asked me to go for it, as the voucher expires on 31st July. And my bro surely know me well, he said "but make sure you don't buy any stuff when you go for the trial ok?". :-(

Ya, I went for Modern Beauty Salon trial and I signed up for a S$600 worth of package. But I have not been there often. Still prefer Adonis though it's more expensive in Adonis.

It's early birthday gift from brother. FOC gift... :-p And now, I have to think of what to give him for his birthday in June. Oh no...

2 lil' thoughts:

babyfiona on 10:56 AM said...

hehehe, you so rich, so wont mind ler sing dollar 600!
but your brother so smart, get you free voucher and you need to buy him gift wahahaha

Colleen on 1:34 PM said...

Ya lor, he so smart ler.. awal awal ask me wat I am getting for him already, exchange with something FOC somemore.. :-p

Btw, I not rich ah.. dun say so loud..


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