Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"jia you" JJ...

8 lil' thoughts
Thanks to friends who dropped by to give a few words of encouragement.

She is now back to hospital for further treatment. Thyroid removed in the operation last month was tested cancer positive. Though doctor said it was a successful operation, she had to be treated to be out of risk, completely.

When she told me she had her thyroid removed in Chinese, I didn’t understand. Then she said she has to avoid eating food with “dian”, which left me clueless, I guess its iodine. No seafood, no outside food that contains salts with “dian”.

Just now, I surfed the net for more clues. Now, I think I know more about thyroid cancer patients. They have to rely on thyroxine tablets to replace the hormones that would normally be made by the thyroid gland. Without thyroid hormones, they will feel extremely tired and lacking in energy.

What’s most important now, COMPLETE cancer-free. As usual, I pray for her. I can’t wait to see her again in June, apparently our last hug on Sat wasn’t the last one, and I do not need to be in Beijing to see her the next time, not just yet. :-)

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