Thursday, December 31, 2009

Baby fish, go on... swim....

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Last week, I saw my cousin’s latest picture on Facebook, and her friend commented she’ll become mummy soon. I called my mum and confirmed the good news. I feel happy for her and hubby, who happened to be my high schoolmate.

Meanwhile, I have something to share about what I think of pregnancy or kids in general.

When I was younger, I couldn’t stand the sight parents handling mischievous kids, yelling kids, naughty kids, whatever you call the little monsters. Sometimes, I feel like strangling them when they yell and scream on top of their lung.

When I just got married, I know I didn’t really want kids. Partly because hubby is way older, partly because I can’t really believe I can be responsible enough.

Then, hubby said he wants a daughter, to complete our family.

After much considerations and many real life experience around us, that is, many friends got pregnant, gave birth, have 1st kid, 2nd kid and so on, I started to long for one myself.

I started to notice pregnant woman, cute babies, but I still hate naughty crying kids.

We started trying last month, for real. Supposedly, we started trying since June, but our project has never been able to launch successfully...

The lot I’ve got from the Kuan Yin Temple told me that the baby fish is swimming unhurriedly. I’ll have to be patient, and when the patience is stretched to limit, then, my body will change, pregnancy will occur.

So, we nicknamed our yet-to-conceive “baby fish”.

Jenn told me about the article she read the other day, about a woman had IVF treatment for all her 4 kids. She said there’ll be help even if I cannot conceive, so I don’t have to worry.

I asked her, how long does it take to tell when I need IVF treatment?

3 years, she said.

3 years?!?!

3 years: 36 months
1 month: 5 times (10th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 18th day)

That is 180 times before you tell me about infertility?!?! Do you know how tiring is that? Both physically and mentally. :-(

She said “why you count like that one”. :-p

She asked me to stop taking coffee; I told her I can’t do it. I can only try to reduce, but that is as far as I could try.

I also boiled Bak Chen and Bai Foong Wan, but these efforts made me even more tired, I felt stressed.

I really hope we can be successful this month, and then we can share good news during CNY.

All we can do is only pray…

And God, for once, I think we are ready…. :-)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Time flies...

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It’s soon beginning of a new year.

We’ll be officially married for 1 year in January.

I’ll be celebrating 2nd CNY away from home in February.

Baby brother will be registering his marriage in August.

And will hold the customary in October.

And so the time will continue to fly without mercy.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Garmin-Asus M20.. answer to my prayer..?

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As well known as I am among the colleagues for someone who can laugh out real loud, I am also well known for my lack-of, or should I say almost non-existence orientation in the street.

For as long as I could remember, I have never been able to reach my destination without much sweat and direction asking.

I could alight 2 bus stops earlier to work and had to take another bus for the remaining bus stops.

I could take the wrong exit from the MRT and have no freaking idea on where I was and how to get to my destination.

I could have few people teaching me how to go to places I wanted to go and still, the best way to get me there safely, was to take the cab.

Once, I took bus from Aljunied MRT, to go home in Hougang. But I took a bus and didn't know where it was heading to, and I alighted at a bus stop I thought somewhere near a location I could recognised. But to realise I was somewhere near Eunos MRT and I had to take another bus to go home again.

Hubby bought Garmin-Nuvi GPS as my Xmas gift last year. He was afraid I couldn't find my way when I drive. But he's driving most of the times, I wish I could have a more mobile GPS so I will not get lost, ever again.

Garmin-Asus M20 sounds like the answer to my prayer.

It is a very stylish touchphone, with unbelievable functions.

Comes with high speed internet, using Windows Mobile Pro, it comes with a 3MP camera and 4GB memory. How cool..

What's more, the navigation function is COOL!

It comes with a voice prompted, turn-by-turn directions that speaks street names. Cool!

It can also be optimised to be used in car with included car mount. Cool!

The best part... jeng jeng jeng... it has the "Where Am I" safety feature that displays user's current address and nearest police station, hospital, and fuel services in just one click. COOL HUH!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Normal.. as normal as it can be..

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She came for a short trip last weekend.

How time flies, it’s Friday again. Last week today, we shopped till we dropped. It has been so long since I last shopped that way. Since forever..

I missed her presence right after she left. There’s something missing in my life. Something to do, something to count on..

Our lives went back to normal.. and normal is really normal..

Silently, I wish our project could launch successfully..

Sunday, October 18, 2009

1st Cooking Class

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After many proposals from YJ, after much consideration on venue, time, day, etc, we (YJ, Rebec and I) finally decided to take the Chinese Restaurant Cooking classes, on every Tues at TPY Central CC.

We learned “Stewed 5 Multi-Flavor Chicken” and “Fried HK Noodle” in the first lesson.

When we opened the door to the classroom, I was “awed”, in total shock. Not to sound disrespectful, but I kinda expected the crowd to be slightly smaller, and “younger”. There were aunties, uncles… the way they stared at you made you felt like you have stepped in the wrong class. Or perhaps, the way I stared at them told them I was in the wrong class.

Our teacher, Mr. Teo (sounds like hubby’s name) moved effortlessly around the kitchen island, teaching in both Mandarin and English. He speaks fast, so fast that the 3 of us caught a bit of each sentence.

“One and a half teaspoon” teacher said in English.

“Half teaspoon” we repeated.

“One and a half teaspoon” teacher said in Mandarin.

“Oh… 1 + ½ teaspoon” we acknowledged.

It was really difficult to catch all he said, I thought we were doing fine, as YJ peeped into the other lady who sat beside her for some parts we missed, COMPLETELY.

Now, I’ve really gotta make some abbreviations for teaspoon, tablespoon, etc.. and I thought of my sis, baking at home, with her multiple size scoops.

When teacher was almost done with the dishes, he said, “ok, you may put your Tupperware here now…”

We were like stunned, “tupperware?!?!”

Honestly, I knew we get to eat his cooking, because he was cooking 3 chickens and 3 packs of egg noodles, but hello, did anyone ask us to bring our own Tupperware?

Everybody, except 3 of us plus another student moved forward and placed their all kind of Tupperware on the table.

“You’ll have to pay S$3 for the ingredients”, teacher added.

Ok, so now, we have to pay, and we DO NOT have a Tupperware.

So, when the Treasurer Aunty came to us, we asked her, “what happened if we didn’t bring our Tupperware?”
“Oh, it’s ok, can let teacher know and he may be able to help”.

Ok, so, who will let teacher know? Not me.. it was so embarrassing! YJ started pulling her pitiful face… ok, YJ should really go. Hahaha…

“Ok, I’ll let you guys use plastic bags this time, but must remember to bring your own the next time”, teacher said.

Phew... relieved… we didn’t pay S$3 for nothing.

“Remember, must bring your own next time. I may not have bags the next time”, he said again.

Few minutes later….

“Remember to bring your own tupperware the next time….”

Sigh.. I told myself, even if I or anyone din bring the next time, probably it’s better to keep our mouth shut, or ask to use the CC’s bowls and utensils.

Ok, so we learned 2 dishes, and so our class ended almost 2 hours later.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Maybe.. and maybe not...

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Last week, I had a sudden, haste vision.

I would like to resign.

Even without a job.

That was how bad it was in the office. So de-motivated I couldn’t take it even if I had to work one more day last week. I was determined…

Then I went to facial and massage session on Sat. As I was early, I went shopping around.

Saw some clothes that are really nice.

“I will not need these working clothes anymore”, I thought to myself.

Moved to next shop, to discover more working clothes. Temptations…

Then I saw some accessories, nice shoes but resisted the tempations…

“I won’t need any of these stuffs.”

Suddenly, a very deep thought came into my mind.

If I resign, how else will I pay my monthly “fixed” payment. My LASIK, massage, facial, accident protection, both households that mounts up to S$1.3K a month. I’ll be in deep debt until July next year.

And so, the determination to resign disappeared.

All the thoughts:

“Heck, hubby can give me S$500 a month, why make life so difficult?”

“I can jolly well resign and get a temp job somewhere while looking for a better opportunity.”

“I just want to be happy; I couldn’t care less about the job.”

So how?

Today, I try to take things easy, and I feel easy.

Maybe I should take things easily from now on… till the next peak.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Different Perception of Happiness perhaps...

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A is a close friend. She has a boyfriend called B.

A & B met and got together 3 years ago. In the 3 years of relationship, there have been a lot of quarrels.

“Need for freedom”: A said of what B wants.

“Overly controlling”: B said of what A does.

I do not know both side of the story, but each time, when I saw A with swollen eyes, my heart went all out for her.

Any woman deserves better man.

If I were her, I would have left long time ago. And that’s what I told her. But she wouldn’t be able to do it. She couldn’t even stand not sending any contact in the day, even when they were fighting and he obviously didn’t make any move.

Why? You may ask. I have been asking myself this question since Day 1. I do not know either.

She deserves better.

And so the story goes, he proposed in the 3rd year of relationship.

Not a month after proposal, they quarrelled again. He told her he wasn’t ready for marriage.

Why proposed then? Coz she threatened to leave if he doesn’t.

And things went well and bad, on and off, on and off, on and off...

Today, 20.09.2009, they are going for their ROM.

Normally, when i learned my friends are getting married, I’ll feel happy for them.
I am happy for A, if she is happy. I told her numerous times, she owed it to herself to be happy. Stick with her decision if it makes her happy.

Obviously, she is not that happy.

Few months ago, he told her he didn’t feel the chemistry for her anymore. He lose the kind of feeling when they got together.

Few days ago, he told her he is not that committed to the marriage. She asked if he wants to call-off the ROM. He said she should do it if she wants to, but he wasn’t going to do it.

And so, the next day, they patched up again. Got some wedding favors for guests who’ll attend their ROM.

Do not think A is an ugly woman. She is a pretty one, friendly, smart, educated and kind woman. It’s just her life, the decision she makes made her less happy (or so I perceived).

I really hope her marriage will work well. Although many says leopard will never change its spots. I sincerely hope B will change for their marriage sake.

My opinion in this issue:

I know she doesn’t want to tell her best friends about him ill-treating her that much. They started to hate him back then, she doesn’t want them to hate him more. She wants them to be happy for her. Seriously, they want her to be happy, just like I do.

I just think that some times, we’ll have to play hard to get with men. Do not let them think we can’t do without them. Instead, make it a point that we can live or live better without them, at times.

For the man, I think it is really irresponsible to propose and move ahead with wedding if that is not what he wants. It is going to be a high price to pay. His reason of moving on: she is a nice girl, and he likes her. He knows he’ll regret if he doesn’t marry her, but he doesn’t have the heart to marry her just yet.

Happy ROM, A... bless..

Thursday, July 23, 2009


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I fell really sick on Sat when we woke up. Hubby companied me to the clinic and waited good odd hours before it was my turn.

High fever at 38.5 increasing to 38.7 during the wait, doc said she suspected it was H1N1, but I wasn’t in contact with anyone, so, it’ll be home quarantine and 3 days observation before she could really conclude anything. Meanwhile, I had to have the Tamiflu tablets, that cost me S$45 for 10 tabs. Ridiculous, the expiry date on the box was 2008, but there was this sticker by MOH, extending the expiry date to 7 years after manufacturing date. Isn’t that bizarre?

2 days coping at home, or should I say, coping in the room, I finally recovered a bit on Monday. No more high fever, but mild at 37.7degC. Doc extended my mc to another day. Gosh… that was not good.

Stayed in the room for 2 more days, and I felt really “sick” at home, I could turn mouldy anytime! I found myself watching the 4.30pm the super-long Taiwanese drama my MIL was “chasing”…

How glad was I to be back to office on Wed. Although I was really really giddy working, I was wondering if it was the medicine or it was really the bug. This is a super bug I am fighting with.

Today, I am still out of breath, but I felt so much better!

During my few days rest at home, I was lucky my MIL was understanding. She cooked porridge, hubby had them delivered to the room. “room service”, he called it. He was sweet throughout, watching me sleep like a pig, coz other than awake to eat and take medicine, I was asleep throughout. He really has the patience.

It was unfortunate coz Sunday was my birthday. It was supposedly a significant birthday in my life, coz I was turning 30, first time as wifey, a woman. ;-)

Hubby promised a good meal when I have recovered completely. For now, I am looking forward to go home, to feel family warmth. :-)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The very first step towards perfection...

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I am taking the very first step towards perfection... Or at least I hope it is the very first step.

I meant eyes perfection. Yes, I have finally decided it is time to get my eyes “perfected” by LASIK. ;-)

I am still concerned about the side effect, but when I read forums that are related to LASIK, I am kind of confident it’ll work out just fine.

First thing first, I have to get my eyes evaluated, if I am a suitable LASIK candidate.

I explored SNEC’s (Singapore National Eye Centre) website and was rather impressed by the technology and the price. Well, I admit I am not those who go to various websites to compare the prices or technologies. So, SNEC it is.

So coincidently, my colleague went to SNEC for pre-assessment just weeks ago. She passed me the brochure, in which I passed to hubby and asked him to read, “Make sure you finished reading it tonight dear”.

When he is done, I asked, “so, how? Can I make appointment? I thought of getting it done by National day”.

It’s actually less than a month away. Hahaha… yeah, when I have decided to do something, I would really want to do it IMMEDIATELY.

Hubby said, “ok, but when will they be free for appointment?”

“I’ll call and check”, I said.

I did.

The customer service officer was very friendly, and she asked if I have any preferred surgeon. Well, I said no, coz the rates are different from SNEC Assigned Surgeon, to Consultant and to Senior Consultant.

“Ok, let me run the system for a while and see who is the surgeon assigned for you”.

“Oh… ok”

“Sorry to keep you waiting. We’ve got the name of the surgeon, and she’ll be Dr. Cordelia Chan. She’ll be available on Mon and Wed noon; and Fri morning and noon”.

Although I preferred to have Saturday consultation, I opted for a Friday morning, thinking I could go back to office right after.

“Ok, Friday morning. We’ll give you a MC for that”.


I am very excited now. I can’t wait to have the result, AM I A SUITABLE LASIK CANDIDATE? Or am I destined to wear contact lenses and glasses for the rest of my life?

To be revealed on Friday! ;-)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

BB Cream

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One of the hype in Asian beauty product is the BB cream.

What is BB cream?
There are different types of BB cream in the market. Most of them with one common explanation. It is a tinted moisturiser for blemishes, works as a make-up base / foundation for skin with acne, spots and scars. Some of the BB cream in the market also provide UV protection.

What does BB cream stands for?
BB is the abbreviation for Blemish Balm.

What so great about this BB cream?
BB cream effectively combines plant-complex and includes seramide, lecihin and allantoin to function as a powerful skin care. Squalene oil reduces skin troubles. It was invented by a German Scientist for quick recovery of blemish and scars during cosmetic surgery. The Koreans added this into their BB cream product.

In short, by using BB cream, you'll not just be able to cover your blemishes or scars, but heal them in long run.

Personal experience:
I bought this PRIVIA BB cream from Flowerbeds, who is the sole distributor for PRIVIA beauty products in Singapore.

At first I thought I may not be able to use the cream, as I have dark complexion. There are many comment online that they are not suitable for dark skin.

Bought the cream for less than S$30 (it's definitely way cheaper than those available off the counter), and mind you, PRIVIA is none inferior in any way, it is just not well publicised in Singapore.

The packaging was beautiful to start with.

The Nano Technology:

It also came sealed, ensuring you the tip top hygiene protection.

Best thing is, it blended onto my skin so effortlessly, I top it up with my foundation. Seriously, it didn't look like it's on my face, covering my acne scar just so nicely, like it's my second skin.

I have been using the cream for over a week. Not too sure if it's psychology, or my blemises are actually improving. We shall let time tell us the truth. For now, I am really glad I got the cream.

1)Cheaper than other brand in the market
2)Came sealed ensuring hygiene protection
3)Blends like second skin
4)Doesn't look like heavy make-up at all
5)Blemishes seems to be healing

1)Shade is light, but you can put on your dark foundation on top to solve this

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

White Flower Masks...

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These are some of the masks I purchased from Flowerbeds on Saturday.. :-) Usual price: S$2.50/pc OR S$10/5pcs, but I could get them at a discounted rate.. :-) :-)

White Flower range of mask comes in 13 types of extract:

Red Ginseng Collagen Mask Sheet: super antioxidant, cell renewing, nourishing

Conenzyme Q-10 Collagen Mask Sheet: firming, cell renewing, deep skin nourishment

Grape Essence Mask Sheet: firming, natural source for skin radiance, nourishing

Green Tea Essence Mask Sheet: firming, moisturising, purifying

Herb Collagen Mask Sheet: for troubled skin, revitalising, balancing

Pearl Collagen Mask Sheet: whitening, moisturising, firming

Rice Collagen Mask Sheet: clarifying, immediate effects, radiance

Tomato Essence Mask Sheet: brightening, nourishing, natural skin renewal

Cucumber Essence Mask Sheet: brightening, clarifying, soothing

Masks I am going to try the next time:

Lemon Essence Mask Sheet: whitening, firming, tightening, injection of Vitamin C

Loess Collagen Mask Sheet: cleansing nourishing, detoxification using living enzymes

Aloe Essence Mask Sheet: astringing, soothing, balance nourishment

Punica Essence Mask Sheet: powerful anti-oxidant, protective, revitalising

Herb Collagen Mask Sheet: for troubled skin, revitalising, balancing

PS: Drop me a message if you would like to know more ;-) I guarantee you, the price is definitely lower than what you can see in the website.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sexy, Flirty Lingerie...

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Mom asked me to get a few sexy lingerie to enhance my marriage. Haha.. yeah, you are right, my mom is pretty open-minded about these things. In fact, she told me she's got me a sexy nightie from the Vietnam trip.

While I will be home end of the month to look at the nightie she bought, I saw some sexy Flirty Lingerie online. The very first impression is good, I have never seen such a wide variety of flirty lingerie. :-)

I am not into G-string and too sexy stuffs, but I am especially attracted to the sexy long hair wig (to make myself a blonde, perhaps? :-p); butterfly tattoo for lower back, and the sexy tube top. :-)

But for those into really flirty types, there are dozens of design for you to choose.

Perhaps, it's time mom stop worrying about my lingerie. :-)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am selfish...

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The back of our car was knocked by a cab last week, causing the boot dented and couldn’t close. Then hubby sent the car to workshop. Since then, both of us have been relying on public transport.

On the second day, his colleague sent him to customer’s place which was at Jurong East. He took the MRT home via the wrong line. He was supposed to take the East-West Line to Outram Park then change to North-East Line to home. Instead, he took the North-South Line to Bishan, then changed for bus towards home. The ride made him sick. haha.. While I went to meet my ex colleagues after work at Bugis. We had steamboat at this newly opened Golden Chopstick Restaurant. Food was so-so though it was really filling. Catching up with Alvin, Alex, Chai and Uncle Chong was fun though as usual, I was the only lady in the group.
Meeting lecturer at Kembangan and going home at 10+ wasn't easy without hubby's chauffeuring service. :-p

MIL didn't feel well over the weekend. So, hubby and I went marketing around the neighbourhood block. I cooked lunch.

And....... cooked lunch and dinner the next day.... yeah, I couldn't imagine myself in the kitchen for few times a day, but that's life I guess.
MIL was still not well on Monday, so we decided to bring her to doctor. But how? I did not wish to take leave again, feeling it was not right to mix personal and work life together. So, it was decided that I would take time off from work to pick MIL and send her to clinic, then back to work again. Told MIL to call me after her visit, but she went home by cab herself.

I am rather selfish, I think this arrangement can't go on. I know MIL is getting older, health is deteriorating. Perhaps we should really consider hiring a maid to company her around.

We seriously should consider....
Anyway, I am so glad we are getting the car back today, hooooray!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Beauty Products... :-D

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MIL’s test result was out. Doc said it’s not cancerous. We breathed a sigh of relief. We really can’t imagine if the worst happen to her at this age. Thank god.

So, it’s something called for celebration. Hubby brought me to Bugis for my favorite dinner. I had lamb chop and he had chicken chop at V8 Restaurant at Bugis Junction. Then we walked about at Bugis Village.

Hehehe.. yeah, how would I go home without purchasing something…. Well, I planned to get some foundation to replace the old one, so I am not guilty of impulse purchase. In fact, it has been so loooong since I last impulse purchased. :-p Hahaha…

I bought this PRIVIA peeling gel. It is a gentle action gel, perfect for deep and thorough exfoliation. You can feel the “residue” when you rub and rub gently on your face. Good to remove dead skin cells to accelerate skin renewal. And what’s more, it is enriched with Vitamin C!

The packaging is pretty, isn’t it? The price was reasonable too. :-) Hubby liked the feeling after the exfoliation, “smoother” he said. I think so too… hahaha..
Beautiful packaging :-)

Ok, I deviated a bit from my “original” plan, to buy foundation. Hahaha… as usual.. tried on the PRIVIA Clear 2-Way Cake. You know, I can’t help praising the packaging.. the shiny and beautiful packaging is really attractive.

I was told this 2-way cake is one of the professional series. It has micro particle pearl content, to give my skin a shimmering (whitening) look under natural sunlight. It’s excellent concealment for skin blemishes, pores and fine wrinkles. Collagen lifting complex content enhances skin’s elasticity. It’s suitable for problematic skin with firming properties.

I tried it on my hand, it’s really very natural, almost transparent, blended so well onto my skin. Reaching home, I couldn’t wait exploring it, it actually came with a clear plastic “divider” between the cake and the sponge compartment. The sponge was soft and smooth. What’s more, it actually came with an extra sponge! What a purchase…. :-D

Look at my happy face! :-D

To top it all, I was so attracted to the WHITE FLOWER’s Colourful Days range of lipstick. They have 22 colours for all kind of mood! Hahaha.. I got something more suitable for my personality, something nice, yet not too outstanding. Bought #C13 sweet pink brown, it’s really sweet!

Really sweet colour... :-)

Got to know that the shop actually carries many range of product, PRIVIA, WHITE FLOWER, AIZIM, ORANGE AVENUE (OA), and the latest addition is ELEVEE. I am going to write about them once I have time.. meanwhile, you could drop me a message if you would like to know more.. :-)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good, but not good enough...

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I thought I was treating MIL really well, was attentive towards her needs though at times couldn't understand the traditional side of her. Last night, when we got home from work, she told us she was referred to TTSH for a more thorough check-up on her throat.

She had been complaining about bad throats for months now. That was why she restraint from taking fried and oily food. She had never ate anything fried, though she prepares them all the time, for who else, but us. I felt bad coz I have never paid too much attention on the painful throat. Other than ocassional double boiling pear and pei pah gao for her and hubby.

As hubby was not able to take the day off today, I had to company MIL to TTSH. Hubby dropped us at the hospital. Appointment was at 10am, but we were already there at 8.49am.

The doc was an Indian, so I had to act as the interpreter.

"What kind of medicine is she taking now..?"
"Any drug allergic?"

I was like, "err..."

Deep down, I thought to myself, if one day, MIL fainted and need medical assistance, we'll have problem. The consolation was, the hospital could access the polyclinic's medical record. Phew...

Btw, MIL is 79 years old this year....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


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When the recession first hit "us", I told my colleagues, this is the first time I feel the impact. One of them said, "you shouldn't feel the impact unless if you play shares". At that time, I just felt uneasy. Now, months into the recesssion, I feel more and more insecured.

It's the first recession ever since I graduated, the first since I live on my own income. Many said I have hubby to rely on now, I do not have to worry about not having a roof over my head. But, that's still beside the point.

When the BIG GUYS in Automotive went down the drain, my sales figures followed suit. I was told to be prepared for the worst, to find some small business I could do with hubby. I was actually prepared for the worst then, coz I realised, in this realistic world, at this point of time only $$$ matters. My sales dropped tremendously, and it's only right if company really decided to ask me to go.

I was told again this time, to "jump boat" if I found better opportunity. In this time? You must be kidding, but that's yet another reality. The VP for AP already gone. HQ had already been re-structured thrice. Customers have been badly affected. VSS, restructured, pay-cut, shutdown, you name it.

I took the most leaves end of Dec to Jan in my working history. It was not just because of the wedding, or you can say, it just coincide with the wedding. We were asked to clear all our 2008 leaves by end of Jan. So, luckily, wedding was in Jan, I managed to clear my leaves, with a meaningful purpose.

Now, we are asked to clear our Jan & Feb leaves. Hubby suggested to go for a short road trip along East Coast, towards Terengganu to look at turtles. :-) I would have wanted to go somewhere further if not because of the recession. I am glad we did not spend a fortune on our once-in-a-lifetime wedding plus the honeymoon. We cancelled our Europe trip and decided to go to Bali instead, though we have changed EURO at a really good rate, we choose to keep the EUROs for now.

Hubby says it's not the worst yet, the nightmare is far from over. I am really worried...

Friday, February 06, 2009

We got married... :-)

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It have been months since I last wrote here. So many things happened over the short period.

I got engaged in July last year, busy preparing for wedding and we finally got married on 3rd Jan'09. :-)

We wanted it to be a very simple ceremony, but ended doing something more, but still quite simple.
I was complaining about the hassles and efforts to put in for the wedding, but now that it's over, I wish I could have more time to enjoy the process. :-p

It's a brand new chapter in life, I am not able to tell what is the difference yet, other than, I'll have to get used to people addressing me "Mrs. Teo". :-)

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