Friday, May 11, 2007

First class

I went to the first class tonight. First time to SQI ever since they moved to Tannery Lane. It is nearer to office, but I do not like the new place. It’s in an industrial building, situated middle of nowhere. Imagine, starting from Mon, I’ll have to go back at 10pm every Mon, Wed, Fri, walking out to the bus stop situated at the main road. Going to washroom was scary too.

I was the only female student tonight. I asked the administrator if I am the only one this intake. She said there is another girl, but she is not in town now, will be back on 21st. Hope this girl and I will be in the same study group, then, I will have a company out from the isolated place.

Mr. Too started today’s introduction. It was motivating when he told us success stories. He said, students are normally headhunted once they finished their theory examination. Most of his students found new jobs with a fantastic pay raise. Main point is to pass the examination and the project.

Potential employer will judge our capability based on our project. We need to do a presentation end of the course. I guess just like our final year thesis, we presented our final year project to a panel of examiners.

It’s a sacrifice for 4 months, but I am telling myself, it’s worthy. It’s worth the money I am investing, and it’s worth the hassle and time I am going to spend.

(Btw, I heard that it costs almost 6 times to do a Black Belt course in Germany. We are lucky……)

3 lil' thoughts:

babyfiona on 12:20 AM said...

black belt course???

Colleen on 9:52 AM said...

Not the taekwando black belt ah dear.. :-)

babyfiona on 9:20 PM said...

ooohhh..hehehe :P


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