Thursday, April 26, 2007

More and more purchases...

It’s the last day of the 3 days course tomorrow and I will be making my way home by midnight bus. Ya, home at last, taking leave on Mon, I will be spending 4 days at home this time round.

Including the trip home, I will not be in the office for a week. Goodness… but I am getting used to it, getting better from time to time. Though I admit that I made those quiet phone calls back to office during the tea breaks and exchanged smses with fellow colleagues in the office to get things done and I checked my emails everyday as soon as I can.

Oh ya, talking about this made me wanna share with you my latest “commitment”. For those who know, will understand what I am trying to say here. Hahaha… I do not have to go to Mc’Donalds to check my emails anymore. (For those who do not know, because I do not have a broadband in my rented room, I had to go to Mc’Donalds each time I need to use the internet).

Anyway, back to my latest “commitment”, I registered for the M1 mobile broadband on Tues. :-) Yippie… I called M1 like 11.15am, and they had the USB modem delivered to be at 9.30pm the same day. Such a wonderful world, everything is just a click or a phone call away. :-)

Tried the broadband for two days, (crossing my fingers) everything have been fine. So far so good…

I was shopping at Plaza Singapura after class yesterday, looking for the custom-made sandal shop, but ended up buying a pendant and a chain for mummy. Hahaha… for Mummy’s Day actually. I hope she likes them, they cost me a fortune. :-p Too bad, I have not bought my camera yet, otherwise, I would be able to take some pictures to show you. ;-)

Well, I know, I am kinda outdated, everyone owns a camera but not me. Hehehe… I have one, on my mobile phone! Hahaha… it takes better picture than any normal camera ok… anyway, I am considering to buy one... hopefully before my Italy trip next month, so I can take beautiful Venice… :-p Any good recommendation?

2 lil' thoughts:

babyfiona on 12:05 AM said...

wow, what commitment yeh?

btw, i dunt own a camera as well... :(

Colleen on 7:22 AM said...

it's a half year 'commitment'.. hahaha..


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