Saturday, May 12, 2007


Two NEA officers came knocking on the door just now.

Officer: Do you mind letting us in to check if there is any sign of mosquitoes breeding?
Me: I guess so. (thinking hard, if Auntie Serene will make noise I let strangers into the house. What the heck, this girl showed me her official pass, so I let her in).

Me: There is a case here?
Officer: Yes, one case around here, so, we are asked to check the neighbourhood.

Sound so familiar. I was down with dengue when I was 14. It was no joke, really. I was put in the intensive ward, together with many dying patients. One week there, I was poked uncountable times for blood test to monitor my platelet level. Few days down the road, I was ordered CRIB. If you are a Red Cross member, you will know.

CRIB stands for Complete Rest In Bed. I was not allowed to get down from the bed. Why? Because if I fall and hurt myself, bleeding will not stop. That will kill me. But I was stubborn too. Nurses gave paracetamol to cease the fever, but I threw the pills away. I don't think it would help anyway. (My own stubborn thinking... there is no cure for dengue, isn't it?)

That week, one patient passed away. I hated the nurse when she came to my bed at midnight and bathed me with iced water. It was freaking cold ok!!! That is the difference between Chinese and Western style. Chinese style encourages you to sweat when you have fever. Western style encourages you to cool it off and that includes taking ice water bath!

More than 10 years now, but the scar from the poking still visible on my wrists. Both wrists! They couldn’t poke anymore on one wrist, moved on to the other, and last but not least moved up the wrist. Those are blood sucker. :-(

Back to present, few days ago, I was bitten by mosquitoes. Early morning when I had breakfast with Jeff. I had more than 20 itchy spots that morning. Itchy… and few nights ago, I was bitten again when I was sleeping. Pray hard… I don’t want to be hospitalized in Sg….

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