Saturday, September 25, 2010

25th Sep'10 (28 weeks)

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My weight: 53.8kg
Baby's weight: 1.251kg

I have been feeling more and more tired. Easily get tired.. in need of more exercise and movement, otherwise I'll feel lethargic.

Yesterday, a customer commented I am one very bubbly pregnant lady. And I do not look that pregnant. Hahah.. I'll take it as a compliment.. despite the complexion getting worse, chin losing its sight, flabby arms.. hahaha...

Was asked to fast from last night midnight for glucose test. So, I stopped taking drinks or food since 11pm. Went to toilet a few times to pee.

Companied hubby to breakfast at usual place, made me more hungry, that I nearly wanted to faint.

First blood draw was at 8.30am, but by the time we registered and given the container to pee in, it was 8.46am. Was given a bottle of glucola, tasted like Orange juice, and asked to finish the whole bottle. Gosh.. quenched the thirst a little.. hahaha.. it was not as bad as described by some other mommies, but it was not as tasty either.

There, we bumped into Uncle J and wifey who were doing OSCAR scan. :-)

Then we went to gynae's clinic for routine check-up.

Gynae says baby has apparent double eyelid, looks like my eyes, and has my chin. Duhz.. of all the things.. I have no chin, so hubby said. :-p Baby's weight slowed down, instead of over the higher specs, he is now on the high specs. Not sure if I "starved" baby though, just hope for the best, that he'll take all the best from me. :-)

Second draw was at 9.46am, I was getting weaker and weaker.

Then we went to gynae's again to make next appointment and replenish our vitamins.

Third draw finally, at 10.46am, I couldn't wait to eat.

Had egg prata at usual place and came home. Less than an hour after we left hospital, clinic called, and informed that I am not diabetic, everything is normal.

Was so tired that I asked to skip lunch. I had to take a nap, and as usual, hubby playing Bejeweled.

He said I was smiling in my sleep, and I was singing too! Hahahaha... maybe coz I am relieved everything's ok?

I wonder if hubby will place his hand on my tummy middle of tonight, and call out for zaizai again... such a nice feeling...

Till next appointment on 21st Oc.. :-)

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