Monday, March 24, 2008

I am proud of her...

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I was very tired this morning, feeling very sleepy when I dragged myself out of the bed, thinking to myself, it’s going to be a long week ahead.

Before I started work, I checked my personal email, and saw she wrote some messages to my friendster account. She asked why I didn’t reply her message previously and why am I so stuck-up, "cutting" myself from friends especially her. :-( Knowing she was online right there and then, I log onto eBuddy to chat with her.

She found a job in KL. She said her temper is getting worse looking after baby, she has to get away. Working is the best option. I agree. Remember I have been nagging her to look for a job almost a year ago, so she will keep herself occupied and keep up with the world. It was tough coz she was in Pg, no one to take care of baby.

Her news made my day, just like when I got to know she was expecting, I was so touched I cried. This time, she reached me as soon as she found the job. No longer feel that tired. I feel so proud of her.
And I missed her terribly....

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