Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Wuxi Trip

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Wuxi Trip

It was very hot and humid in Wuxi. The 2-weeks trip became a 4-days trip when customer canceled 2nd meeting.

Which was a blessing in disguise, when the day after the first meeting, I found rashes on my arms and legs. I was so worried when Diana told me if I was going to see a doctor in China, if there is anything wrong with my health, then I will not be allowed to enter Sg. OMG…. I already have almost next to nobody in Sg, what to say in China!!!

I was worried of dengue, coz I read online that people who had dengue before are at higher risk for contracting dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and dying a gruesome death. Damn it… with the 40 over degree Celsius like weather, I felt like my body temperature rose by the seconds.

Once again, like last year, I had to put wet towel on my forehead and cheeks, used cold mineral water bottle on them as well. It was especially bad starting 3pm. Boss said maybe it’s fever, asked me to take panadol and monitor. Then the rashes subsided and I went back to hotel early. Honestly, that was the earliest I left company, 5.20pm when the taxi we called arrived.

I slept with full blast air-cond. Stepping out to non-air cond environment was bad. I Ungrateful creature, keep whining and whining. Now, I definitely appreciate winter (except the thick layers of clothing perhaps?). I rather die of cold than heat.

Blades of Glory

When I boarded the plane, I thought to myself I have watched enough the June flight entertainment. The 12 hours flight to Frankurt back and forth and to Shanghai. I am bored of the choices of movies. So, I decided not to watch any stupid show out of desperation.

Just before the plane took-off, I decided to take a look at the TV programme choices. Haha… to my surprise, they changed the entertainment to July already! Which means, I had a full series of new movies to choose.. and deng deng deng… the show I wanted to watch for so long… Blades of Glory!

Fiona, Daniel, SA said the show’s damn funny. I just didn’t get the chance to get to the big screen. :-( Anyway, back to the show… I laughed out in the plane, but not so syiok coz the man who sat beside me was sleeping through the flight. I wanted to LOL. :-p

I laughed especially louder the part both Chazz and Jimmy performed the first time. You know, the scene with their p*n*s close to each other. Hahaha…. It was hilarious. Hahahahahahahahaha……

And I like one phrase from Chazz “looking is free, touching will cost you something”.

Reminds me of the cab driver when I was in Wuxi. I was wearing short skirt with slits to dinner on Wed. And, because there were 4 of us, I sat beside the driver. The driver turned his head practically 90deg and stared at my thigh. Sigh… didn’t know what to do; I put my bag to cover the slit. :-( Then I told Diana in my very bad Hokkien, that the guy stared at my thigh! Then she said, never mind, stare only, if he touch you then he knows. :-(



After Blades of Glory, I was interested in watching Premonition. I like Sandra Bullock’s shows. Previously when I fly to Guangzhou, I watched The Lake House, it was good. Anyway, these are my types of show. Not guys’ type of show I guess.

Linda (Sandra Bullock) is living her lives out of order. One day, she received news that her husband, Jim died of car accident. The next day, when she woke up, Jim is at home, treating her coldly. Then the following, her mum asked to arrange for funeral. The very next, Jim is alive.

It was “haunting” her and she wants to do her best to save her husband, from the car accident that will happen (or happened) at Mile 220.

Twist of fate, when she discovered Jim actually has an affair with Claire, the assistant manager in his company.

The cool part, when Linda went to Claire’s house and asked if there was anything they should talk about, especially about her husband. And Claire’s asked if Jim has told her. Linda said “no, I think you have just told me”.

Linda handled it well when she knew her husband has an affair. But she was torn whether to let her husband die, knowing he will die at Mile 220. Is letting him die means killing him?

At the end of the show, my opinion is, Linda “killed” her own husband. Her husband broke up with Claire just a moment before Linda called. And Linda asked him to pull over, didn’t realize it was Mile 220. Jim’s car stucked in the middle of the expressway and……

Sometimes, some things are just too late…

I am back... early...

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I am back in Sin... way earlier than planned...

There are 1001 things to write, but I am just too tired...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

China, Chinese......

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Leaving for China.... will not be back until 6th July'07
I will not be able to blog for the next 2 weeks. Not being able to pen down my thoughts when I have things to share doesn’t sound like a good idea. Too bad, China doesn’t allow blogspot.

It’s a 5 hours plus flight to Shanghai and then 2.5 hours car journey to Wuxi. This is the first time I am staying for more than a week. Weather around 25degC with “mei yu” on most of the days, it’ll shower non-stop making everything turn mouldy (tats what I am told). (mei=mouldy, yu=rain).

This is the 6th time to Wuxi, second time in June, beginning of summer. The first I was there, I wrote about how bad I felt, coz it was my first time experiencing summer. Summer in Wuxi is exceptionally warmer, and I am most afraid of heat. :-(

That day, I was reading Kev’s post about Tracy’s traveling blog. He commented that China would be a no-no for him. Haha… I share (or shared) the same sentiment.

My very first “reason” would be…. I do not know Chinese. I mean, I am a Chinese, and I speak Chinese, ie. Mandarin, Cantonese but I do not write or read Chinese. Blame it to the education system back then, or my parents for putting me into national school instead of Chinese school, but my elder sis, my younger bro and I the same, potato!

So, naturally, China will be the last country I would wanna visit! Until…………….

I work in this company. Our manufacturing plant is in Wuxi, China. So, no choice man.

My first trip to China was in Jun’06 to Wuxi, of course. That first trip, I traveled with advisor and lady boss, so, we managed to go Shanghai Xiang Yang Market on the last day before we flew back to Sg. (FYI, Xiang Yang Market has closed / shifted ever since then. It’s a market that sells all kind of imitation branded stuffs).

The second time I went there was in Oct’06, by myself. When I travel by myself, surely I take MU. I shared my flight experience in Great Flight Experience.

I am actually quite tired of speaking Chinese-English with the locals. My Chinese sucks… and sometimes, I can’t think of the word. Dear colleagues gotta guess what I said and use their own Chinese word to confirm with me. Well, I guess my Chinese sure will improve over time. Sound so like when I talked to my ex Japanese boss, he “ah no, ah ne” and scratched his head, while I kept guessing what he said and then he’ll go “yes, that’s rite”. Sigh….

And…….. I am sick of getting the waitresses to read out their menu! So sick…… so, normally Diana and I will stick to the same string of restaurants, eating more or less the same thing… I do not really like Chinese food, but steamboat during winter was superb. And prices are incredibly cheap.

Not to mention, their spitting habit, even in Shanghai. Jumping queue habit everywhere in China, you name it, Shanghai, Wuxi, Guangzhou….

Worst....... the men like to lift their legs and put on your side in the plane. :-(
[To the Chinese out there, I have nothing against you... it's just my personal opinion...]

Friday, June 22, 2007

Online Shop & Save

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This is a sponsored post is a deal and coupon code. It provides money saving coupon codes with a great variety of product for you to choose. The site is updated daily with the latest coupons and product deals. You can subscribe to the RSS feeder to be informed whenever there are updates.

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All you have to do is shop online at and click on the Coupons tab for money saving coupon codes. And you are on the way to kill 2 birds with a stone, shop and save. :-)

My favorite online store would be Perfume Emporium! Perfume Emporium is not just about perfume for women. They offer men’s perfume, skin care products, and candles too with 3000 over brand names at up to 70% off your purchase.

Perfume Emporium coupons, to name a few interesting ones: $10 off any $40 purchase, 15% off any purchase, 20% off any purchase, $5 off any purchase and free shipping with any purchase (so you do not have to worry about your shipping cost).

I’ll just talk about the products I am interested in. First of all, women’s perfume, wide range of fragrance with brand starts with A to Z. Sporty fragrance by Adidas? Feminine fragrance by Elizabeth Arden? Strong alluring fragrance for a romantic evening by Chanel? You name it, they’ve got it.

Mini sizes are also available…. Suitable for us who travel, I mean, you do not want to carry your perfume all over the world right? I have 2 sets of perfume, one for normal in-town use, another for travel use. Mini size bottles sure come in handy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Question of Love by Isabel Wolff

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Remember I borrowed this book before my Italy trip, with 1001 excuses so I can read yet another book? This is it…
A Question of Love by Isabel Wolff

The story started off with Laura being hurt by her husband, Nick, and she grieved for long time. At first I thought Nick’s dead. When I read further, I got to know Nick actually left. Left just like that, one fine day….

3 years on, Laura finally decided to move on with her life and bang… suddenly her college sweetheart Luke came into picture. Luke, married, with a separated wife Magda and a daughter Jessica. Luke obsessed with Jessica would do anything to please his (ex) wife so he can spend time with Jess. Sometimes, to the extent of playing a happy family show so Jess is happy.

Getting back together wasn’t easy especially for Laura. Luke is manipulated by Magda who has a boyfriend but kept “leeching” on Luke. The final call was when Luke hid the fact that he went to Venice with Jess and Magda. So coincidentally, Laura called the hotel room and Magda answered the call.

Realizing she seized yesterday, instead of today, Laura’s life turned into new chapter when she learned that she misunderstood her boss Tom for 3 whole years. And yup, she happy seize TODAY and live happily ever after. :-)

Not going to give the book a high rate, coz it’s slow pace and too long-winded, in my opinion. 2/10.

My Spying Tools

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This is a sponsored post

I was given the mission to spy on him, the most dangerous man in town. I did a research on how I can accomplish the task, without revealing my true identity.

Option 1: I disguise myself, and join the gang as the undercover. Risky…

Option 2: Using Undercover Girls Secret Listener that looks like an ordinary CD player, but pop open the lid to reveal a powerful listening tool that can hear sounds from 30 feet away. The two hidden ear-bud pieces let me listen alone or share with my boss. Plus, I can jot down my observations with the included pen and notepad. Listener includes secret storage compartments.

Option 3: Using Spy Night Scope to see in the dark with night-beam vision that works day or night. By day, spy faraway objects with red surveillance lenses. At night, pop up the secret night beam for increased visibility. Scope includes wrist strap, pop-up spotlight that shines 25 feet, and 2.5X power binoculars.

Option 4: Keep an eye on the spies with the Spy Tracker System. This handy device lets me track movements up to 75 feet away, even through walls. It's easy: just place the sensors, draw a map and begin tracking. I can track him and move about undetected. The system includes a headquarters case with a light-up display, audible warning signals and three motion sensors.

On June 28th Michael Weston, a CIA Operative on USA Network's Burn Notice a new TV series, will show us how he deals with a similar situation.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ghost Votes........?

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I was so happy seeing my Votes increased by day, from 4 to 6 to 9 then to 11. Then the next day, ZERO!!!

So, I wrote to PPP.... Mike's reply was "Hello Colleen, Thank you for contacting us. There was a glitch in our system that caused many bloggers to receive nine to eleven votes that weren't ever actually made. That issue has been resolved now, and those ghost votes have been removed. If you have any other questions or concerns, please submit a new ticket for us to review. Thank You!"

GHOST VOTES!!! And they gave me GHOST HAPPINESS. :-(

Survivor Of The Fittest

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This is a sponsored post

The wind blew onto my face, I shivered. It’s really cold here and my stomach is growling, from hunger. I have not eaten for days. The aroma from the restaurant makes me swallow my saliva. I am starving. Staring through the glass window, I see the diners eating happily.

I reached into my pocket; I do not have a penny. How on earth do I get food? Then I walked further up the street over the bridge. There, I saw a beautiful garden with dandelions, day lilies, geraniums and nasturtiums. God bless… I quietly pluck a stalk of dandelion and stuffed the flower head into my mouth, followed by the leaves. Bitter…

I remember grandma told me years back when she weeds, when I was very young, “dandelions are good for culinary and medicine use… usually the young leaves and unopened buds are eaten raw in salads, while older leaves are cooked… raw leaves have a slightly bitter taste.

It’s getting colder, and I need to find a shelter for the night. I walked back towards the bridge and saw a boat on the river. I stopped by the bridge to enjoy the view, shivering. My eyes stopped when I saw shelter under the bridge. It could be cold down there, but it’s definitely better than nothing at all. I pulled my shirt over my head, curled myself like a ball, and tried to sleep.

This is a brief, one-day survivor story of mine. In times of emergencies and other disasters, both natural and manmade, knowledge of basic skills can go a long way to insure your survival.

On June 28th Michael Weston, a CIA Operative on USA Network's Burn Notice a new TV series, will show us how he deals with a similar situation.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Beautiful couple :-p

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Remember I wrote about going out with AT end of last month? At that time, my bro and gf lent me their camera and tested the camera. :-p

I said my bro will give me the cable so I can download, but I bought a camera myself. So, bro loaded the pic and sent me. This was the pic bro took for AT and me when we had brunch at nydc.

AT says "romantic couple", I say "beautiful couple". :-)

[If you are lazy to read my old post about AT, don't misunderstand. He's not my better half. He's a very old friend! :-p So old that it's rotting. Hahaha.... ]

Bukan Niat Membalas Derita - Slam

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Ke mana
Menghilangnya purnama
Semalam indahku lihat bercahaya

Terlindung di balik mega
Atau aku kah terkurung di ruang gelita

Kau ku nanti masih teruskah sinari
Andai tiada dapatkah aku ketahui
Resah hati kian hari lukanya terhiris kian parah
Nantikan kasihmu kini kian gerhana

Dalam hiba kulihat kejora bersinar
Kucuba berpaling tak terdaya
Cahayanya terangi segala

Bukan pula niatku membalas derita
Namun ku terpaksa meleraikan
Keperitan yang tak terhingga

Tak ku sangka
Dikau kembali jua
Mengharap cinta kini tiada
Aku terus disana
Kecapi bahagia

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My favorite food(/s?) :-p

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Ok now, the tag I sat on for some time, from Kev. So, Kev, here goes your meme. :-)

I am quite particular about food, fave food actually depend on the weather, the mood, the place and also the company. Hahaha, ya I am a fickle-minded person when it comes to food. I will love this food to death at one moment, then sick of it the very next. :-p

Given a choice, mom’s cooking is always the top in list, especially herbal chicken soup, it’s a must have dish when I go home. :-)

If no choice, all time fave would be lamb chop. I love the lamb chop they serve at V8, the movie restaurant in Bugis. But I am sorry, I do not have the time to go there to take picture. I shall try to load pics in this blog when available.

Some times, I crave for spaghetti, I love the salmon with cream sauce they serve at V8 too, you see, I am a loyal customer there. Haha…

I planned to have lunch at V8 with R today but didn’t make it coz on Fri night, my bro and I received sms from home saying our dearest Aunt by my dad’s side passed away, suddenly, without sickness and peacefully, in her sleep. It was a shock coz the last time I went home, I saw her having good time, doing tai-chi in the morning. So, bro, gf and I rushed back to KL yesterday morning and now, we are back in Sg.

This morning, we had my all time fave breakfast, which is, deng deng deng, the HK dim sum. :-) I love the chee cheong fun the most, with big prawns. :-p

I must apologise that this may not be a good post, but I am rather tired rushing to and from KL in 24 hours. I must get some zzzzZZZZZ....

**Copy this***
Meme Topic : What is your favorite food in your state or country?

Find some info about the food & show delicious pictures of it.

Tag FIVE people. Do if you want to increase traffic to your blog!

4) DeDe

You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.

elverse loves Otak-Otak

Play Online to See Queen Latifah

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer

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Went to watch Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer yesterday.

Once again, I didn't watch the previous shows. How many shows were there before this?

And you guessed it right, coz I didn't watch, nor heard of Fantastic Four until when I watched Superman with AT, I definitely didn't know Jessica Alba is in it.

Lucky 7's Promotion

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This is a sponsored post

Early morning, Fiona msn me, and said “missed to grab a U$700 opp from PPP”. I thought she typed wrongly. “U$700?” She said “yes, you didn’t read PPP blog is it?

Ya, I am way too busy to actually write nowadays.
It’s the latest 7 promotion by PPP, the opp will be $10.77, $7, or $70!
I am too busy to log onto PPP and monitor the opp and furthermore, I knew I missed this $7 million fund opp from you and Kev.

An hour later, while I am updating the antivirus software, I try log onto PPP again, then I saw this “7 million funding” clearly. This time, I managed to grab the promotion opp. :-p

PPP received a brand new $7 million funding, and Lucky 7’s promotion is to celebrate this new funding. From now to noon next Tuesday PPP will be releasing $7k in PPP Opps! They will all be $10.77, $70 or $700 ready for blogger outreach! We are allowed to take one of each, so don't be afraid to take the $10.77 Opp... we can still grab a big money Opp if it pops up on our screen.

Imagine earning $700 by grabbing an opp, I would have my camera cost returned. And I could do some shopping spree…. Hahaha… :-)

Press Release

The PayPerPost Revolution Accelerates, Sponsored Blogging Marketplace Secures $7 Million Series B

Draper Fisher Jurvetson leads round and joins Board of Directors

ORLANDO, FL – (June 12, 2007) – PayPerPost, the leading marketplace for advertisers to reach bloggers and other consumer content creators, today announced it has completed a $7 million second round investment led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson, an investor in the company's Series A and one of the world’s leading high-technology venture capital firms. The financing brings the total amount of capital raised by PayPerPost to over $10 million, giving the company considerable resources for further development as the industry’s leading Consumer Generated Advertising marketplace. Additional participants in the round include existing investors Inflexion Partners and Village Ventures as well as new investor DFJ Gotham. With this investment, DFJ Managing Director Josh Stein also joins PayPerPost’s Board of Directors.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

7 Random Things About Myself

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Thanks to Michelle aka Xilly for tagging me to write 7 random things about myself…

So, randomly….

1) I am a KL-born, Pg-studied, Sg-working gal…. :-)

2) Who is in her “late” twenties, but claiming herself 18 every year… :-p

3) I love to laugh, and laugh very LOUD... lol…

4) I love reading novels….. romance novels in general, a drop dead romantic person…

5) I love watching comedies… linked to the #3, and I laugh out loud!! :-)

6) I love the beach, the sea… enjoy sea breeze… but I hate spending time on the beach on sunny days, late noon or early evening is nice… :-)

7) I am a Cancerian that is very emotional and homely… kekekeke…

Well, that’s all, 7 little things about myself, and I shall tag Kev, Nigel, DeDe, Hazel and Daniel to know more about them. :-)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

EPAY Inc - Debit Cards & Virtual Credit Cards

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This is a sponsored post

EPAY Inc provides MasterCard debit cards and MasterCard re-loadable virtual credit cards.

I remember getting a debit card when I first started working coz I was worried I do not know how to manage my money if I use credit card. Generally, by using debit cards, means you are “withdrawing” money from your pre-fixed bank account, means, you’ll not use money you do not have. It’s good if you would like to control your spending.

By using credit cards, sometimes, you overspend. You need some tools to manage your cards. EPAY member service comes in handy by offering services like various transfer options, SMS services for payments, balance or invoices and etc.

Using a single EPAY account members can perform online money transfer internationally, make online payments to different countries, and accept payments from any country... instantly and in the most secured way.

Oh, and if you are using PayPal, you can verify your PayPal using EPAY virtual credit cards. :-)


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I am rather occupied these few days, went to JB yesterday due to customer complaint. And settling lots of work.

But still, I "cheat" some time off to write for PPP, $$$ still important. :-p

I was tagged by Michelle aka Xilly to write about myself and Kev to write about fave food, but I do not have time to sit and think about the meme topic. I will, soon, I promise. :-)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Great Gourment with Coupon Codes

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This is a sponsored post

Coupon Chief offers over 1,000 stores online, for you to shop with coupon codes. :-)

If you refer to my first blog about Coupon Chief I chose Jewelry Impressions.

Now, I’ll share with you another favorite online store, Lobster Gram, a great gourmet gifts. Father’s day is just around the corner, you can get a 15% off a “Dinner for all of Us” which includes 8 premium steakburgers, 2 pounds lobster claws, 7oz. apple pies and butter.

Sounds good right… check it out.. ;-)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Finalised MyList Participants

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Ok, here goes the final MyList participants. Thanks to Daryl for his effort. :-)

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Italy Trip Came to End

5 lil' thoughts
Ok, I am back in Sg.. R came to pick me from airport yesterday. Boss wanted to see him, to “screen” through my potential. Haha… he gave me LOTS of advice, quoting some of his past experience to me and tell me what I should lookout for in someone. Points noted, boss and advisor actually quite worried, seeing that I am reaching 30 but…. :-p

Now, the updates of my trip.

YM gave this to me (from Wuxi), he bought a few for customer as well.
Boss bought a few of this for wifey. YM and I bought one each. :-)
Cost us €12/ea [came with warranty card :-p]
Day 2
Nothing much to say about Day 2 coz we didn’t go sight seeing. We worked very hard till nearly 7pm. haha… in Italy, it’s considered very late, coz they value their personal time. I was told that they can turn up to work anytime from 8 to 9 in the morning, and then they can leave 9 hours later.

Daytime is way long now, last till 10pm, so, sometimes, I felt like we knocked off too early, but definitely exhausted due to the increasing pressure by hours.

We had horse meat dinner that night, but I ordered lamb. And had a bottle of red wine. :-) Mr. Stoppato, my dearest contact point at customer’s side brought us there. I talk to him alot on the phone and I have always imagined him as an old uncle. :-p

Mr. Stoppato & I

Day 3
We worked hard for another day. Then boss committed a schedule, which added more stress. Then I was told I need to be in Wuxi end of June to help out in preparation for the Purchasing Director to be there first week of July. Which means, if the trips are confirmed, I need to be in Wuxi for 2 weeks, perhaps?

Received this wallet from customer.

We had Italian Chinese food that evening, and it was good. I had gastric and boss gave me medicine, so, I escaped drinking that night.

Day 4
We went to Padova Town Hall and University in the morning before leaving for airport. I didn’t take much pictures here coz I was on the phone handling customer complaint. :-(

Managed to buy some stuffs for myself :-p




And they are all wrapped beautifully in this pouch.


Air service came to pick us from hotel at 11.45am, and we made our way to Venice airport.

Italiano Espresso and Earl Grey Tea
Then boss and I spent 6 hours in Frankfurt airport after YM left for Shanghai.

Chocs liquer with original spirits, in short, chocs with liquor. :-p

Mini bottle of liquor - made of natural herbs for digestive system

Dark Chocs

Lil' Princess loves to unwrap pressie, so, a box of assorted chocs for her.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Night Vision Equipment

0 lil' thoughts
This is a sponsored post

OpticsPlanet offers the most complete selection of night vision equipment in the world, from Night vision goggles, Night vision scopes, Night vision binoculars, Night Vision riflescopes, Thermal Imaging, Digital night vision viewers and cameras.

Let me share with you one category of equipment I am particularly interested in, introducing to you, the Heat Seeker and Thermal Imaging Cameras, as the name tells you, the equipments detects not just human heat but all living and non-living things that emit heat. Isn’t it marvelous?

Which means, you can locate for your prey easily when you go hunting, locate your lost kids easily without running up and down, finding hot spots in equipments for easy troubleshooting and etc.

Check out the night vision equipment for what you need. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Italy - Day 1

5 lil' thoughts
It’s 6am local time here in Padova, but I can’t sleep anymore. I turned in at 12 after checking my mails, and then woke up at 2, once again now. Seems like I am making full use of the EUR17 we paid for the internet connection for 24 hours.

4th Jun’07
It was my first long haul flight. Lucky I am small enough to curl myself in my aisle seat and sleep. It’s quite tiring to sit 12 hours straight, isn’t it? The Belgium born but lived in Australia all her life lady who sat beside me was impressed “I couldn’t see you when you covered yourself with the blanket”. :-p The American guy who sat by the window said “oh yes, and I admire she can make herself so compact. I am jealous…” haha.. coz his legs are long, he couldn’t move. :-p

5th Jun’07
We transit in Frankfurt for Venice then we took the Air Service our customer helped to book to Hotel AC Padova. There, we met up with YM, our Chinese colleague who reached Padova the night before.

We had a simple, but very Italian lunch. It was the biggest slice of pizza I have ever had, and yes, you got it, I didn’t finish it. Partly because it’s big, partly because boss ate very fast! Oh, then I remembered boss asked me to wear covered toes shoes instead of my exposed toes sandals.

Let’s deviate a bit, to talk about sandals.
This is the pair of Charles and Keith sandals I bought when I shopped with AT – Cost me S$24

This is the pair of URS sandals I bought, I thought to bring to Italy but when I tried the next day after I bought, I knew I can’t bring it along, coz it’s damn painful – Cost me S$45

Boss chose this pair for me – Cost me €27 (God, and it’s painful! Boss keep asking, “ok or not” I smiled bitterly “no choice”. Coz we couldn’t find my size for those nicer and cheaper shoes...

You tell me which pair nicer?
Ok back to my trip.

Next, boss brought us to Venice. We took a cab to the railway station, and then took a 40 minutes train ride to Venice. Pictures say a thousand words.. here goes…

Train station - calling for Venice City :-)
The public transport (just like bus at bus stop)

They have many aprons with sexy pics. I didn't take one that was disgusting, they printed penis on the apron and boxers!

Lots and lots of mask in Venice

We walked for 2 hours, and reached the destination my boss kept saying “a-must-go place”, the St. Marco Square. Wow, it’s really breathtaking. I admit my photo taking skills not good, so, it may not have the same impact on you. :-p

Anyway, I agree that Venice is a romantic place, the people enjoy their life very much. But I went with the wrong people, boss laughed when I told him this.

The first night, we had dinner with the Purchasing Director and he was very particular about food and wine. I am sorry, we had very good food, but because I have to hide my excitement due to professionalism, I didn’t take out the camera. Hahaha….

Traditional Italian meals start with appetizer --> pasta --> meat --> vege --> cake/ice cream --> coffee. And those were big portions ok. The pasta itself is a big portion as those spaghetti we have in Sg.

We had lots of white wine à followed by lemon ice cream with vodka à sweet wine à “grapa” (which was a grape wine, with 50% alcohol content). By the time they serve the lemon ice cream, my boss who was not feeling very well already surrender, but out of courtesy, he still sip all the way to “grapa”. Hahaha… you must be wondering if I got drunk. For the first time, NO, I didn’t. Boss said I really can drink. If my shifu and YJ hear this, they’ll laugh. I am the worst drinker among all… now, I know I am slightly better than boss. :-p

Dinner took us 3 hours plus, and got back to hotel exhausted.

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