Friday, May 25, 2007

New Release by PayPerPost

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I am sure many of us who write for PPP experience the same thing. We log onto PPP everyday, hoping for well paid opportunities, grab the very first opportunity we see and hang on there while we write about them. I tried the very first thing in the morning when I wake up and the very last moment before I go to bed, to look for more opportunities to get paid, all while writing blogs. :-)

Sometimes, I thought to myself, I am not fast enough. I saw the opportunity, for example, the latest I saw, and tried to grab was for Father’s Day, but then I was not fast enough. So, I thought, why can’t I have something exclusive for myself? Like, you know, the opportunity is there from advertiser, just to me, myself, without the need to “fight” with other posties. Furthermore, my traffic is not terrific enough to get real well paid opportunities.

I do not have to wait any longer. PPP latest release offers us just that. PPP Direct cuts out middleman in transactions. Now, it is possible for advertisers to approach posties to get them to write special blog posts. All you have to do is to attach a widget in your blog. When an advertiser finds your blog and decides they'd like you to write something they just click on the badge attached to the widget and make you an offer.

PPP Direct cuts out the massive overhead. Where competitors like ReviewMe charge 50-100% markup and keep up to half our money, PPP Direct only charges a 10% fee, 5% of which goes to transaction fees for PayPal and credit card processing.
That’s not just what the new release is all about.

Have you ever wondered if you grabbed an opportunity, while you are scratching your head on what to write, the opportunity is taken by other posties? You can now worry no more. With Post Reservation, a Postie can click on Take to take an opportunity and hold the opportunity for a period of time while they make their post. Reservation time increased to 6 hours, so, now, you can make a cup of coffee, think of how to write about the opportunities you grabbed. Fantastic. :-)

Last but not least, another good news for me is, Technorati ranking is removed from the system. My Technorati was not upadated for more than 80 days and their support had been terrible. I am tired of pinging them, writing to the forum and yelling for SOS. So, that’s it, Technorati no more.
Check out the details here:
See it live in action:

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