Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I am really grateful……..

Class officially started yesterday. Friday’s was only for introduction.

After a short tea break, Mr. Too, the lecturer said, “I assume many of you drive here”.

(I shake my head slowly)

Mr. Too: If you don’t mind, can any of you give her a lift out to the main road after class?
(He gestured towards me)

I looked at him, surprised that he was so thoughtful.

Mr. Too added: It is really dangerous for her to walk out alone after 10pm. By the time I finish lecture, packing and stuffs, it would be too late.

Classmate 1 asked me: Sure, where do you stay? (I don’t remember their names yet)
Me: It is ok, a lift to the main road is good enough.
Classmate 1: Ok, no problem.
Me: Thank you very much.

Mr. Too: I am sorry, I was just being busybody because I know she walks to the institute.
(I am so touched! He is my idol…. :-p)

Mr. Too continued: If the classmate needs to stay behind to discuss with me, then we shall get other classmate to give you a lift ok?
Me: Thank you very much for bringing it up. :-)

Mr. Too: If no one can drive you, I can give you a lift home too.
(Whoa, extremely touched)

When the class ends, Classmate 1 stayed behind to discuss with lecturer, so, Mr. Too asked Classmate 2 to give me a lift.

Classmate 2: Let’s go.
Me: Thanks and really sorry to trouble you.
Classmate 2: It’s ok. Where do you stay by the way?
Me: Hougang
Classmate 2: Which part of Hougang? I stay in Punggol, so, maybe I can send you home instead.
Me: Ave 1, somewhere near Lor Ah Soo.
Classmate 2: Ok, I know where, I can send you to Lor Ah Soo. It’s on the way anyway.
Me: Thank you so much.

And then, I got to know that Classmate 1 lives in Kovan, which is very near Hougang! So, I can get a ride out after class from now on.

I am really grateful……..

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