Thursday, November 22, 2007

Business tripS

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I have just came back from Wuxi, from a 4 days business trip.

Yesterday, I took a 1350 flight from Shanghai Pudong airport, but we were not allowed to take-off until 5 plus. Imagine, stucked in the plane, for 3 hours plus, STATIC. Goodness, touching down at 2230, I was lucky R came to pick me. But he looked tired. Reached home at 2330, I was exhausted. Not sure what in the world was wrong with the air traffic controller. It was sickening when you hear the pilot says:

“Ladies and gentleman, this is your pilot, so-and-so speaking. I am sorry to inform you there is a delay in our flight. We were just informed by the air traffic controller that we are not able to take-off. No finite time is given. We would have to wait at least 2 hours for clearance. Meanwhile, I will update you every half hour.”

THEN almost an hour later:

“Ladies and gentleman, this is your pilot, so-and-so speaking. I am sorry to inform you that we are STILL not able to take-off. We are number 20 in line. We are not given the finite time to take-off. Apologise for inconvenience caused. Our ground crew will re-arrange connecting flights for those transiting in Sg. Really sorry for the inconvenience. Please feel free to approach our cabin crew should you need any assistance.”

THEN almost an hour later:

“Ladies and gentleman, this is your pilot, so-and-so speaking. I have a good news for you. (My heart was popping hard, thought we can finally take-off!!!) For the past hour or so, 5 planes took-off, and now, we are number 15 in line.” (Gosh……. You can imagine how I felt at that time…)

THEN almost an hour later:

“Ladies and gentleman, this is your pilot, so-and-so speaking. Finally, we have got clearance from the air traffic controller. We are ready to take-off in 5 mins. Cabin crew, please select doors to automatic and prepare for departure.”

Now, I am “fishing” in the office. Tons of work as usual, due to traveling, work piles up but my eyes can barely stay open.

Have just confirmed next week itinerary. Not gonna be a good one.

1) Flying to Shanghai early morning on 27th Nov, Tues.
2) Flying to Shenzhen in the evening.
3) Flying back to Wuxi the next evening.
4) Make my way to Shanghai on 29th Nov, Thurs.
5) Meeting with customer on 30th Nov, Fri.
6) I am not sure if I should stay in Shanghai for the weekend or back to Wuxi.
7) Stay for a week in Wuxi.
8) Flying back to Sg on 8th Dec.

Madness…….. but I feel good to be back for a while.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


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Remember I was so stressed preparing for the exam in Sept?

Received mail from SQI few days ago, that I passed the written exam. Now, it's time to think of what to do for practical exam.

I have till May'09 to complete them.

Passed, but not really happy.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


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Dad says, ‘no one in the world has same frequency, same principle, characters or thinking as us. The most important thing is how you give in and accommodate each other”.

Mum says, ‘you have better consider properly’.

That was when I told parents our differences in thinking and principles.

He is a Gemini, he “thinks”. I am a Cancerian, I “feel”.

He thinks logics. I think logics are nonsense.

How can one be logical all the time? It’s so boring.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Coupon Chief

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Time flies, fast. The holiday season is just around the corner again. It was Halloween, Deepavali coming up next, followed by Thanksgiving, X’mas, New Year and so on.

While shopping online using online coupons, at, I make my shopping list.

As R has just began experiment on how red wine is good for health, he’ll be delighted to receive Riedel wine glasses and decanters are the finest glassware for enhancing the enjoyment of wine and spirits from the Wine Enthusiast. Tests have shown that the shape and construction of glassware can significantly improve the bouquet and flavor of wines. :-)

For my visit to Penang end of the year, I would have the 10pc cookware set from to be sent to JTSK. She loves cookware but I wonder if she still has time to cook after having baby. :-)

Back From KL

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Came back from KL on Tuesday, missed Princess like crazy. Weird, when I was at home and she kept calling “Ah Yee” every other second, I felt tired. Without her calling, I feel empty. :-(

Mum cooked all my fave food, whipped up good home cooked food that I longed. It’s difficult to feel belonged to home nowadays. I left home for 8 over years; the longest I stayed at home during vacation was less than a week. Felt like a traitor, but that’s a fact. There is nothing much at home that belongs to me anymore, piano, a room named mine and a few Eiffel Tower puzzles that are yet be framed.

Sis also baked cakes for me. I do not fancy cake, other than cheese cake. She baked banana cakes, chocolate cakes and cheese cake. Colleagues and R’s mum say they are nice. :-) My sis was flattered.

It’ll be some time before I head home again. Meanwhile, I have just received news that I have to be in Wuxi from 18th Nov till 8th Dec, 3 whole weeks. :-( Just hoping one of the customers to cancel their visit, then I can have a shorter trip.

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