Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Guidelines on Hand-Carry Luggage

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Met T for lunch just now at Heartland Mall before he went to his practice in church. Uncle J joined us and chatted a while. Then, I went shopping, originally wanted to look for a smaller luggage bag for Italy trip use (please refer previous post about this trip). I only have one luggage bag, and it's big enough to contain one week clothings and stuffs.

I am going away for 3 days only, my boss will faint if he sees my BIG luggage bag. And if I travel light like I normally, do, he'll faint too, coz a backpack is definitely not enough, just in case I shop alot when we are in Padova/Venice or Frankfurt. But then... airport is very strict with the things you bring on board, so I am afraid if I do not check in my luggage, I'll have to throw things like facial cleanser, toothpaste or my toner. :-(

As of 8th May 2007, the new guidelines on hand-carry luggage (for Singapore) are :

1) Liquids, Aerosols and Gels must be in containers with a maximum capacity of not more than 100ml each. Liquids, aerosols and gels in containers larger than 100ml will not be accepted, even if the container is partially-filled;

2) Containers must be placed in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity not exceeding 1-litre. These containers must fit comfortably within the transparent re-sealable plastic bag, which must be completely closed;

3) Each passenger is allowed to carry only one transparent re-sealable plastic bag, which must be presented separately for examination at the security screening point;

4) Exemptions will be made for medications, baby food and special dietary items. These items will be subjected to additional checks at the security screening point.

Liquids include :

1) Drinks, including water and juices [gotta get the mini Evian water bottle, else, I really have to call out to stewardess to give me water every now and then. :-(]

2) Soups and sauces

3) Perfumes and deodorants (liquid or liquid-solid mixture) [not counted - to dump into check in bag]

4) Creams, balms, lotions and oils [must bring baby lotion, hey, it's dry on the plane!]

5) Cosmetics such as mascara and lip gloss [also must bring lip balm. I need it in the flight!]

6) Pastes, including toothpaste [not counted - dump into check in bag lo]

7) Pressurised foams and sprays, including shaving foam, hairspray and spray deodorants

8) Gels, including hair and shower gels [not counted - dump into check in bag lo]

9) Contact lens solution [now using daily lens, so, no need to carry around]

10) Any other items of similar consistency [like wat?]

Now, let me see, I hope all the above that I can't live without (on board I mean) can fit into the transparent bag.

If you are traveling any time soon, check this site for detailed information.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pirates of the Carribean : At World’s End

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Ever since the heart to heart talk, I feel more comfortable meeting R.

Just now, he came to pick me from work for the second consecutive evening. We were just in time to watch Pirates of the Carribean : At World’s End at 6.15pm. Luckily YJ told me before, that the show is 2 hours and 45 mins long, so I bought cheesy hotdog and a drink before entering.

I supposed I am not going to comment much except Captain Jack made me laugh just by appearing on the screen. :-p I am not so into this kind of show, but R wanted to watch, so, I gave in.

And the best part was how Will proposed to Elizabeth and how their “wedding” was… hehehe…

And yippie, tomorrow is Vesak Day holiday for Sg. Bro and gf went home for a long weekend. It’s yet another round of discussion, why Msia and Sg celebrate Vesak Day on different days?


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This is a sponsored post

I am quite an idiot in finance/credit matters. If you tell me about banking, finance, personal loans, mortages or debts I will definitely give you the blur expression.

I am looking forward to increase my savings, am told the only way is through investments. But my risk appetite is low, so, I will not get rich this way. :-( CY recommended land banking. This is another alien issue to me. She has been telling me about land banking since last year, but… :-p

CREDITLOAN provides best solution for people like me. They gives you real answer in banking, bankruptcy, bill consolidation, credit cards, credit management, debt relief, financial calculators, retirement and many others.

If you need an auto calculator to calculate your mortage loan, credit card minimum payment, auto loans, or emergency savings, they are just a click away, in financial calculators. :-)

Now, you can find out if you should lease your next automobile or finance it. :-)

Italy, here I come...

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Finally… my Italy trip confirmed to be next week. Yippie…

Flight route is from Sin to Frankfurt to Venice then to Padova.

As promised, I shall update my blog with pics when I come back. :-)

MINT Credit Cards

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This is a sponsored post

Introducing to you MINT Credit Cards that let you save, save and save.

Just to name a few benefits and features; 0% on credit card balance transfer until 1 August 2008, 0% bonus offer until 1 April 2009 on balances transferred during October, lowered APR rate, free online management, NO annual fee (great!), unique mc2 card design (it’s nice), free additional card for a friend or a partner… wow, I can’t finish listing the benefits in here.

For those forgetful people out there, when your payment is due, MINT Mobile will text you a reminder detailing the minimum payment required and outstanding balance. Cool huh, gone were the days you need to worry about your overdue bills right.

Do check the details at MINT credit cards, I am sure you’ll be delighted.

Monday, May 28, 2007

My weekend :-)

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I didn’t meet up with AT on Sat, he said I “flew him a BIG airplane” coz he was out there, and I refused to go out, last minute, in fact, very last minute. [To recap, my post said that I was going out after laundry :-p] Well, do not really know what is wrong with me recently, but I have been lazing at home, doing nothing but still, not willing to go out.

I also didn’t meet up with bro and gf until yesterday, when I suddenly felt like going shopping. AT, worried I back out suddenly decided to call me last minute to arrange instead. So, waking up at almost 2pm, I went out straight to Orchard.

Felt like it has been forever since I stepped into Orchard. Bro was not feeling well, so, I was kinda worried about his being.

As usual, AT, said and worried about nothing but the gf. He bought an ear ring by Mucha and asked me to try on. Never wanted to buy something for me, this old friend of more than a decade, but for gf. :-( Still wanna use my ears to try the ear rings and I like it so muchie! Reluctant to take it off in the end, coz it’s simple, yet so elegant. And it cost him like S$49.90 ok. Swarovski crystal wo…

So, we shopped around Tangs, Shaw house and bla bla bla bla.. I don’t remember where we went. I didn’t even manage to get a nice purse. The purse (or wallet huh) I am using now very old already, 5 over years, a gift from EK. Time to change!

We had lunch at n.y.d.c at almost 4pm, and I told my bro’s gf, AW to keep some space in her tummy for dinner at Newton Circus. Her eyes rolled big, and said “dinner? After this meal?” haha….

Ok, so we went to AT’s condo Rising Suite opposite Newton Circus and took dinner there. We had satay, chicken wing, BBQ stingray, fried calamari, fried rice… all sinful food. :-p

I have a picture of AT's proposal solitaire.. but bro has not pass me the cable to download yet. So, maybe later, oh my... (I jokingly tell AT, if his proposal failed, the solitaire will be MINE... hahaha... evil)

Of coz, I wish the best for AT... coz I do not want to go out shopping with him every time he feels depressed. :-p He can really shop one lor....


I had a good chat with R via sms in the afternoon. I told him that I would feel better, stress free if we are just to be friends and not think ahead. He says he treats me like friends, nothing much, nothing less! This is so wonderful… :-)

I chatted with T late Sat night. He insisted that I have recovered, just that I refused to admit it. He said sometimes we say we need to recuperate, but actually we don’t. He said life is incomplete without love, one should have love. One should enjoy love. And asked me to look for someone with compassionate heart that is able to take care of me not just when I am young and healthy.

I actually agree…. but I refused to forget, I do not want to forget how hurtful it is, want to remind myself again and again that love hurts, not to try anymore. But then, who knows what future holds for us?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

My blog in search engine!

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I have been monitoring MyBlogLog for a few days now. It tells me where my readers came from, I mean, for those really came from somewhere. What do I mean?

Let’s say someone searching for something in the search engine and happened that I wrote about the keywords, and clicked on my blog URL, then, I know that someone came from this specific search engine. For example, there is this Korean reader, who was searching for “Russia”. Remember I wrote a paid blog about That’s it, he/she found me. :-)
MyBlogLog - Yesterday's Stats
[However, above do not apply to those who came from nowhere, ie. practically typed out my URL or added me into their Favorites folder.]

Ok, let me go to the main point of today’s entry. I find that my post about “renew pr” has been read a couple of times from these strangers who are looking for information on the net. Their findings from my blog must be useful! But I personally do not think so.

One look, my blog looks dull, blue theme coz my favorite colour! And too wordy… lack of pics.. maybe I should try to put in more pics or illustrations so readers are more interested and find my blog useful and interesting.

I’ll try on yesterday’s blog about M&M, it’s a definitely worth sharing kinda thing. :-)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Two very innovative ideas...

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I visited Kev’s blog “Kev’s Walkabout” through my recent readers’ link. When the page started loading, I was mesmerized by a wonderful music by SENS. No track title… just the #20 it's actually Song From A Secret Garden (played herewith in my blog, nice one isn't it? I love it, feels like in a secret garden) . I had to switch my other playlist off so I can concentrate on this piece. :-)

Something in common with is Kev (aka Kevin) is an Irish name. Mine too. Colleen, a phonetic pronunciation of the Irish word 'cailín', meaning girl.

Ok, so, next, I read his latest entry, about his partner (gf or wife, I am not sure) had a Beddy Bear delivered to Australia. It’s no ordinary bear; I am touched coz his darling is so sweet and thoughtful. This bear, can be heated up in microwave oven for 2 mins, and you can use it in winter. You can also put it in freezer for 2 hours and use it in summer! God, this is something new to me.

Then, I saw his entry about customized M&M. I tried the site and it’s cute! Imagine, you can choose the colour you want, and have your special messages appear on M&Ms. Haha… I tried putting my name, fantastic! Unfortunately, they do not ship out of US.

Step 1: 22 colours to choose from:
My choice: Blue

Step 2: Type in your message:

My choice: Colleen :-)

Step 3: Choose the packaging:
My choice: Gift option (any of these :-p)

Two very innovative ideas huh…

Good news, fun and not so fun

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It's gonna be a not so long entry here, because I need to get the laundry done and out shopping with AT. My dear AT is having some emotional breakdown and we have decided to go for shopping therapy (Singapore Great Sale started yesterday..... wa hahaha).

Kekeke... kill 3 birds with one stone, cure his emotional breakdown, shop for his gf and ME!!!

Good news

PPP has added my first paid blog (about Stone Hawk, the drug rehab) fee into PayPal. They paid U$12, equivalent to S$17.87. Ya, I agree the rate is not so good, but it’s “easy earned” money. :-) Later on, I still need to verify the PayPal, need to get POSB to tell me the institution code and branch code before I can cash out from PayPal. S$1 is chargeable if I withdraw less than $200.

It’s not so convenient for Malaysian account I heard from Fiona. So, I am lucky. :-)


We had a very decent session last night in Liquid Kitchen. We ordered our favorite, ie. top shell, bangers and mash, mini octopus, mushrooms.. yummy. And I had a pint of Erdinger. Ok, I took 2 hours (or plus?) to finish that pint but so what?

What we had was fun, that’s most important.

I didn’t get the 15% discount mentioned in my previous post because my card is POSB card, only DBS card entitled to the 15% discount. :-(

Not so fun

Mr. Teo said he'll start class at 7.15pm from Mon onwards. Being the firs to arrive most of the time because my office is so near SQI, I am not so happy. Not that I am selfish, but I can foresee the “future”.

Officially start at 7.15pm, means he’ll start teaching at about 7.30pm, and then we’ll finish at 10pm without finishing the syllabus. Not that I paid much attention in his class anyway. I know, it’s such a waste of $$$ to pay five over thousand dollars to not listen to your lecturer. But trust me; you’ll not be able to. You’ll start disagreeing in any single thing he says.

L, one of my classmates kept challenging Mr. Teo’s numbers, though he didn’t sound that way. As usual, Mr. Teo brushed most of our questions and disagreements away.

I am not the only one. More than half of the class share the same sentiment. We are bored in his class! We missed Mr. Too, our dear humorous, kind hearted, thoughtful, sociable and very experienced Mr. Too, but he’ll be back to class only in July. :-(

Well, the good news is, I am going to Italy first week of June, meaning I can skip 3 of Mr. Teo’s class. Hahaha…

Come to think about it, our lecturers’ name starts with “T”. Mr. Too, Mr. Teo, Mr. Timothy, and Ms. Thia.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Terry's Fabrics

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This is a sponsored post
When I moved in Auntie Serene’s house, the very first thing I thought of was the window. My room is facing the common corridor, so, strangers can peep into my room through the window.

I had curtains but couldn’t use it here. There is no fineline curtain track, so I can’t use my curtain. Then Auntie Serene lent me a shower curtain for temporary use.

Now, seeing these fabulous blinds from Terry’s Fabrics tempt me to change the shower curtain. Haha… ya, I am still using the shower curtain coz I was lazy to shop for this kind of things.

Terry’s Fabrics has a wide range of blinds, from Roller Blinds, to Roman blind kits to wooden blinds that comes in a range of sizes, colours and types.

Well, getting the right type of blind will help me sleep soundly, yet ensuring good air ventilation into the room. Fantastic…. :-)

It's Friday :-)

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Tonight, another class with Mr. Teo. Gosh... I hope he makes more preparation before coming to teach.

But there is something to look forward to. Colleagues and I are going to Liquid Kitchen again tonight. This time round, I am not really into drowning sorrows, more like socialising with them and have good talk, jokes and good food.

I especially like the Bangers & Mash, the grilled giant pork sausages served with mashed potatoes, peas, carrots and bbq onion sauce. Wow... no wonder I didn't have appetite for lunch just now, coz I am waiting for my supper. :-p

What's best is if the promotion still on, and if we spend more than S$30 and if I pay using my Everyday credit card (ya, the one I mentioned in my previous post) then, we would have 15% off the bill. Not a lot, but still quite a deal. Maybe enough for another cup of cocktail gua....

Till then, still gotta work hard first.. then study hard.. then play hard. Gan ba te ne...

Win A Date With Celeb

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This is a sponsored post is running a contest that allows you to win a date with celebrity, Mirelly Taylor who has appeared on movies like "Kiss Me Again" and "Serving Sara" and television shows including "Las Vegas" and "Numb3rs".

I especially like Mirelly’s introduction video, the line she said “it’s difficult to find good man”. She is jolly, looks cheerful, smiling sweetly, with deep dimples on the cheeks. She looks so sweet. At some angle, I find that she looks quite like Julia Robert, with the same big wavy curly hair and sweet smile that can kill. :-)

Check the video here.

Hmmm… if you are interested in winning the date with her, you must be sexy. She’s not just looking for a good man, but sexy one as well. So, why wait, grab your chance….

Seduce a Celeb will run on over the next 14 weeks. It is an online first! The online audience actually becomes part of the program through the submission of user videos. It is an interesting way to run a competition, we must admit. (I personally think it’s way better than those self-auction on web. No class…)

If you have time to spare, check Free videos at

Early Birthday Gift :-)

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My bro sent me sms last night telling me he has free voucher for either facial treatment worth S$270 or body massage worth S$190, to be redeemed by citizen or PR only.

So, he asked me to go for it, as the voucher expires on 31st July. And my bro surely know me well, he said "but make sure you don't buy any stuff when you go for the trial ok?". :-(

Ya, I went for Modern Beauty Salon trial and I signed up for a S$600 worth of package. But I have not been there often. Still prefer Adonis though it's more expensive in Adonis.

It's early birthday gift from brother. FOC gift... :-p And now, I have to think of what to give him for his birthday in June. Oh no...

New Release by PayPerPost

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This is a sponsored post
I am sure many of us who write for PPP experience the same thing. We log onto PPP everyday, hoping for well paid opportunities, grab the very first opportunity we see and hang on there while we write about them. I tried the very first thing in the morning when I wake up and the very last moment before I go to bed, to look for more opportunities to get paid, all while writing blogs. :-)

Sometimes, I thought to myself, I am not fast enough. I saw the opportunity, for example, the latest I saw, and tried to grab was for Father’s Day, but then I was not fast enough. So, I thought, why can’t I have something exclusive for myself? Like, you know, the opportunity is there from advertiser, just to me, myself, without the need to “fight” with other posties. Furthermore, my traffic is not terrific enough to get real well paid opportunities.

I do not have to wait any longer. PPP latest release offers us just that. PPP Direct cuts out middleman in transactions. Now, it is possible for advertisers to approach posties to get them to write special blog posts. All you have to do is to attach a widget in your blog. When an advertiser finds your blog and decides they'd like you to write something they just click on the badge attached to the widget and make you an offer.

PPP Direct cuts out the massive overhead. Where competitors like ReviewMe charge 50-100% markup and keep up to half our money, PPP Direct only charges a 10% fee, 5% of which goes to transaction fees for PayPal and credit card processing.
That’s not just what the new release is all about.

Have you ever wondered if you grabbed an opportunity, while you are scratching your head on what to write, the opportunity is taken by other posties? You can now worry no more. With Post Reservation, a Postie can click on Take to take an opportunity and hold the opportunity for a period of time while they make their post. Reservation time increased to 6 hours, so, now, you can make a cup of coffee, think of how to write about the opportunities you grabbed. Fantastic. :-)

Last but not least, another good news for me is, Technorati ranking is removed from the system. My Technorati was not upadated for more than 80 days and their support had been terrible. I am tired of pinging them, writing to the forum and yelling for SOS. So, that’s it, Technorati no more.
Check out the details here:
See it live in action:

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tired.. exhausted.. going down to minus infinity

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I feel like at the descending tangent curve, down all the way to minus infinity….

Yesterday, I rushed to Orchard Plaza to meet SE and AF after delivering some samples for evaluation. Then rushed all the way back to SQI for class. Reached there at 7.30pm, exhausted and to make it worse, the new lecturer who taught was so damn boring I think he put most of us to “idle” mode. I was forced to sit at the back, and my mind started to wander everywhere.

Don’t really like the way Mr. Teo taught but we have to sit through another 7 evenings the least. He doesn’t give live industrial example so we are not able to feel and grab where we can apply our knowledge. More to theoretical, and keep telling you “well, you’ll know better when you do the project” or “I’ll sidetalk with you later about this issue” or “many people argued about this theory, but take it for now, we’ll learn more later”. Lame… but anyway, not for us to judge, the most we can make very full use of the survey form by the end of the course. :-( I hate being cruel and bad, but it’s for the institute’s continuous improvement!

When I was waiting for bus at Heartland Mall, boss smsed and asked to arrange for some evaluations for my Italy customer. He asked to retrieve email. I was really exhausted, and I had to check my mail at almost midnight? Well, what to do, Italy was still working and I had to call them first to get more information, else, we’ll lost another day waiting for these information. Lucky me, customer sent me useful information this morning when I turned up to work.

SA resigned and his last day confirmed to be on 1st June. The final decision was out, I am taking back some of my accounts. Deep inside, I am so glad, coz I do not have to keep counting the hours when I am in the office anymore. I felt like rotting and no motivation. Now, the motivation is back, but we lose a colleague.

I am really sleepy and tired today, really don’t feel like up to anything but yet have to do everything.

Boss starts to complain “why every time you get this kind of small flies… if you get one big shot, you can sleep already”. I think he is stressed, me too…………

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


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Started off writing blogs in Friendster to share books I read, then when Friendster couldn't contain anymore blog, I moved to this page. Well, I first started this blog to pen down my thoughts. But as you noticed, my little world is a bit commercialised now. :-)

Well, who would refused "easy money". When I say easy money, it doesn't mean that it's really easy. It's rather difficult to write with a topic fixed. And that is what we have to do, to blog about the opportunities we grab. It's getting easier now, I can easily write more than the required number of words and sometimes, just can't stop because I love some of the topics I grabbed.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Fiona is my mentor in this paid blogging and she is my loyal blogger fansee. :-) I am also her fansee. Hehe.. It is easier for me to understand when she rant about anything in her life, because we have known each other more than half of our lives. :-)

For sure, Chris was a fansee when I wrote in Friendster. I am not sure if she is still reading my blog when I transferred here. But then, I guess she has just given birth to be able to read or write blog. :-) Congrats there on the arrival of the second precious gem. :-)

I know there are people out there who read my blog, but not bloggers. So, I can't name them. Can't even trace them. :-(

Monday, May 21, 2007

Credit Card Anyone?

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This is a sponsored post

You know, in Sg, many people carry more than one credit card. The reason? As simple as “kiasu”, meaning fear of losing. Hehehe.. Well, most of the credit cards offer discounts at various places, ie. restaurants, sports facilities, golf courses, really depends. They say, “use different credit card for discounts at different place”. :-p

Well, I first got my credit card when EK gave me a supplementary Amex card when I first started work, but I have never used, not even once. I do not know if the card actually works. :-p

I was not bothered to use a credit card previously, because it’s very convenient to use NETS in Sg. Just use your ATM card to shop, you can still shop till you drop. Until one day, DBS called me, offered me a free annual fee and no-need-to-do-anything to get a credit card, DBS Visa Platinum somemore.

Being the usual lazy me, I was like, “you sure I do not have to make my way to the bank? I hate it you know.” He said “Yes, Ms. Chow, you do not have to come. We’ll have the form sent to you. Just pass to the dispatch a copy of your IC and payslip. We’ll have everything done.” So…. Of course, I grabbed it.

In less than a week, I got my first credit card, not the normal one, the higher class one. But I rarely use credit card. :-( This card didn’t give me any benefit at all. :-( To earn one pathetic point, I had to spend SGD5. Spent hundreds and you get that pathetic “few” points. Then, the privileges they offered me, nothing of my interest or actually, none of them affordable.

Just one month before the free membership for this high class card ends, I requested for POSB Everyday Credit Card. Was interested in their 5 years membership fees waiver and of course, the instant cash rebate each time you spend. :-)

Well, the points are rewarded in cash form, so, nowadays, if I shop at Watsons, I will use my rebates to pay off the bill. Cool huh…

My next target, if I am offered a few years waiver and another no-need-to-do-anything to get a credit card, I will get the UOB Lady’s Card. I heard that it’s a must have for ladies. :-) Exclusive huh….

Special credit card guide for people who intend to get credit card/s and articles for credit card users that need more information. Also check this out for credit card comparison that may be of use to you.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

My List

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Well, my blogging mentor, Fiona told me to get this done if I want to boost the traffic. I tried over a week ago, but didn't do it. Now, I am all ready.

The purpose of My List is to gather all Malaysian blogs under the banner of unity and creating a huge bookmark. So you guessed it right, you can participate if you are a Malaysian residing anywhere in the universe or, you blog about Malaysia, of course.

Dateline for participation: 31st May 2007

Here goes My List Participants :
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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Azie - Pelamin Angan Ku Musnah

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Dreamed of him that day. It's really easy to say move on with lives, but how easy it is to be done?

Still hurt... more painful than ever...

Masih lagi tidak terlewat
Untuk aku ucap tahniah
Di atas kehadirannya
Menggantikan aku

Pastinya oh hidupmu
Akan lebih bermakna
Dan aku usah kau kenang
Walau kita pernah berkasihan

Maafkan diriku ini
Kerna tidak hadirkan diri
Di sewaktu hari

Adakah kau ingin lihat
Air mata ini berguguran
Puaslah hatimu kini
Memainkan perasaanku selama ini

Masihkah dengan janjimu
Apapun jadi akulah pilihanmu
Engkau sanggup hapusi cinta yang lalu
Ku angankan pelamin indah untuk kita berdua singgah
Sayangnya... Semua musnah

Kau buat malamku jadi gerhana
Dan hidupku tiada maknanya
Hanya bernyawa namun tak bermaya

Terkadang aku merasa menyesal
Kerna telah sehabis dayaAku cinta dirimu kasih
Akhirnya aku sendiri

Bisa sungguh luka ini
Walau tak berdarah

Friday, May 18, 2007

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I am feeling very excited. As my Italy trip is first week of June, and I intend to extend my trip to explore around after business meeting, I need to plan in advance where shall I stay and explore to fully optimize the long haul flight! :-)

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Aris Ariwatan - Lamunan Terhenti

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Suddenly feels like singing Aris' song.... very popular once upon a time when I was in high school. :-p

Entah mengapakah hatiku bergetaran
Bila bertemu lagi oh! kekasih lama
Ku cuba selindungkan api keresahan
Namun perasaan ini berapi di dalam

Ku kira angkau sudah melupakan
Kerna itulah engkau nampak tenangLainlah aku walau ketika ini
Masih membara ingatanku terhadapmu

Ku singkap kenangan dulu
Sewaktu kasih berputik
Kugenggam erat tanganmu
Kau tunduk sembunyikan wajah
Namun dapat aku meneka hatimu
Sehati denganku

Lalu kau mendongak berbalas renungan
Dan dengan perlahan tangan kau lepaskan
Kau pun berlalu dalam kepekatan malam
Tinggal aku seorang

Terhenti lamunan bila ku dikejutkan
Engkau dipimpin pergi oleh seseorang
Dalam keterpaksaan kau melangkah kaki (pergi)
Namun sempat jua kau menoleh ku disini

Just in case you like Malay songs, like I do.... check this out... oh, it's so great... I especially like Slam's songs.. hehehe....

Pingo - Prepaid Calling Card Provider

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This is a sponsored post
My company hires many Indian workers to run our small scale production in Singapore. Many of the Indian workers have girl friends, fiancées, wives and families back home. Surely, there will be a need to call often, right?

Just like me, I have to call home every now and then to tell my parents I am doing fine, and update them about my being. Sometimes I call home to tell them I am leaving the country and when I come back, I will give them another ring to tell them that I have landed safe and sound. :-)

To all our Indian workers out there, introducing to you Pingo, a prepaid calling card provider that offers you the best prepaid phone card rate to India .

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Mars Vs Venus

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Recently Mars Vs Venus is on Channel 8, 9pm. I like the show, hope to recommend to the super unromantic guys out there so they know how to tackle a girl's heart. :-p

There is this book called Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus. I guess not many can finish the book.

So, let me recommend you to watch this show. It's a summary of the book, in a very interesting way.

I feel sad I can't watch it on Mon, Wed and Fri. I missed 60% of the show! :-(

The Infamous AmericanGreetings

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This is a sponsored post
Remember my blog about those old days when we sent cards to our friends for special occasions? Well, I also mentioned that recently, we are not into the habit of buying and posting greeting cards. Instead, we opt for e-Greetings.

AmericanGreetings is one of the infamous option. :-)

Recently, they revamped their site at and guess what! They are having a special three-day “Free View” promotion to celebrate this redesigned site.

In conjunction with this event, all e-cards, printable greeting cards, downloadable craft projects, wallpapers and screensavers are completely free thru May 17.

Normally the site charges a small yearly membership fee for full access, but during this promotion visitors can try any of the cards, projects and desktop themes with no obligation or personal information required to be submitted other than your email address for sending the cards.

The new site is so pretty, offering thousands of e-cards and printable greeting cards, for special occasions, just to name a few; birthday, anniversary, baby, friendship, engagement, wedding and etc. also features greetings for licensed characters and properties such as Elvis, Looney Tunes, Disney, Nickelodeon (SpongeBob SquarePants, Jimmy Neutron), The Muppets, Harley Davidson, Strawberry Shortcake, Holly Hobbie, Care Bears, Twisted Whiskers, Chicken Soup for the Soul and more. These cards can be found in the "Characters You Love" and "Special Editions" categories.

The new design of features improved navigation. "Find It Quick" module for example, let you pick your choice of what, to whom and what style you want the e-card to be by just 3 simple drop-down list. ). Now, you can even rate and comment on individual cards. So, you’ll know which card is IN, which card is NOT. That’s not it, new designed has better customization tools on e-Cards and printables and many more.
So, why wait any longer? Grab the opportunity to send free ecards and printable greeting cards to your loved ones today. :-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I am really grateful……..

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Class officially started yesterday. Friday’s was only for introduction.

After a short tea break, Mr. Too, the lecturer said, “I assume many of you drive here”.

(I shake my head slowly)

Mr. Too: If you don’t mind, can any of you give her a lift out to the main road after class?
(He gestured towards me)

I looked at him, surprised that he was so thoughtful.

Mr. Too added: It is really dangerous for her to walk out alone after 10pm. By the time I finish lecture, packing and stuffs, it would be too late.

Classmate 1 asked me: Sure, where do you stay? (I don’t remember their names yet)
Me: It is ok, a lift to the main road is good enough.
Classmate 1: Ok, no problem.
Me: Thank you very much.

Mr. Too: I am sorry, I was just being busybody because I know she walks to the institute.
(I am so touched! He is my idol…. :-p)

Mr. Too continued: If the classmate needs to stay behind to discuss with me, then we shall get other classmate to give you a lift ok?
Me: Thank you very much for bringing it up. :-)

Mr. Too: If no one can drive you, I can give you a lift home too.
(Whoa, extremely touched)

When the class ends, Classmate 1 stayed behind to discuss with lecturer, so, Mr. Too asked Classmate 2 to give me a lift.

Classmate 2: Let’s go.
Me: Thanks and really sorry to trouble you.
Classmate 2: It’s ok. Where do you stay by the way?
Me: Hougang
Classmate 2: Which part of Hougang? I stay in Punggol, so, maybe I can send you home instead.
Me: Ave 1, somewhere near Lor Ah Soo.
Classmate 2: Ok, I know where, I can send you to Lor Ah Soo. It’s on the way anyway.
Me: Thank you so much.

And then, I got to know that Classmate 1 lives in Kovan, which is very near Hougang! So, I can get a ride out after class from now on.

I am really grateful……..

What is the meaning of your kid’s name?

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I was tagged by Michelle aka Xilly to write about how I choose my kid’s name. Well, can’t blame her, coz she is a new friend, and she doesn’t know I am not married. And I posted princess’ pic here, so I may have misled her.

So, I checked with Fiona, what should I write? Fiona said, “maybe you can write what do you want to name your kids”.

Actually, I have never thought of this. I love little princess and I love my elder niece, the ‘older’ princess. I love to spend time with them, especially little princess, but own kids?

So, I think hard, well, can I talk about my siblings’ name instead?

My elder sister’s name is : Sook Mung
My elder brother’s name is : Yee Pang
My name is : Lai Mung
My younger brother’s name is : Wai Pang

I guess you can see the similarity between my sister’s and my name and between my brothers’. I can’t talk much about our names, coz I am not really into Chinese.

The only word I know is our “Mung” is “sensitive” in Chinese.

Because parents added a “g” into “mun”, friends tend to call me “Lai Mang” with a very heavy tone on “Mang”. I hated it, coz my parents named me “Mung” as in “Mun”. “Lai Mang” sounds like eels in Chinese I was told.

Anyway, when I started working, I named myself Colleen so I do not have to correct people when they call me. But Colleen also sometimes give me trouble especially the spelling, some spell Collin, Collen, Coleen, Colin… never ending trouble.

Why Colleen? Hehehe… it’s a long long story. ;-)

Anyway, I choose to keep this tag to myself, coz Fiona warned me, not to pass this tag to her. And, my dear friends who already have kids are not blogging except Christina in Elly's World, but she is away to give birth to her second baby. :-)

Sorry Xilly, your tag has to end here. ;-(

**Start Copy**
Proposition: What is the meaning of your kid’s name?
Requirements: write about what or how or why you giving the name to your kids.
Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.
Tag Mode:
1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.

Dreaming to own a HDTV?

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Deal or No Deal

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It was the premiere of Deal or No Deal on Channel 5 yesterday. The lucky contestant was Harry (Adrian teased him “Hairy” as opposed to Harry’s nickname when he was young, “Botak”).

Harry said his lucky number is 13, but he chose case numbered 11, claimed to be a good number after discussing with his wife and some spiritual thingy. So, 11 it is. His supporters were Timmy (his 14 years friend), his sister and his wife.

He said he wants to win the S$ 250K because he wants to bring his wife to second honeymoon. What’s wrong with the first one? Because his mother in law followed and slept in the same room during their first honeymoon. Ya, lame.. darn lame..

I hated Harry the moment he introduced himself. Call it perception, but he gave me a very bad impression. Joker, but not funny. Coward, pretentious, over acting, that’s what I think about him.

One moment, he asked his wife if they’ll go back happily even if he won only S$100 when he was prepared to pass banker’s offer. Well, you are a big man, you can decide for yourself. Why shift the “blame” to your wife? Respecting wife is one thing, shirking responsibility is another thing. I hated his doing.

Another moment, he told Timmy that if he won, he will treat Timmy to roti prata. He said roti prata only ok, kosong. Well, what a retarded thing to say, in front of a national tv. Then, Timmy suggested a big value case, Harry said “no more roti prata for you. I will step step the roti prata and let you eat”. Another retarded thing to say.

He won S$16K plus (taking banker’s offer)….. at the end of the show, case numbered 13 revealed S$150K (or was it 100K?). Harry said “oh, I should have taken my lucky number!”.

***speechless ! ! !***

You can play it online ... (it is definitely faster without Adrian's speech. Only diff is, there are no pretty gals....:-p)

Happy Mother's Day

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It was Mother’s day yesterday. Mum said she is very happy this year because she received many precious gifts.

Elder sis and bro in law gave her a Solvil Titus watch. She said it’s very beautiful.

I gave her a chain with a pendant, made of pearl and surrounded by 39 tiny bits of diamonds. She said it’s very beautiful.

Younger bro and gf gave her bird nest. She said it’ll make her beautiful.

Dad brought the whole family to Pizza to celebrate on Sat.

Sis brought mum to have buffet in hotel yesterday. Mum’s favorite: buffet in hotel. :-)

Last but not least, the 5 of us gave her a bouquet of flower. I think the flower is beautiful.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world.

Our beloved princess and the flower

Saturday, May 12, 2007


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Two NEA officers came knocking on the door just now.

Officer: Do you mind letting us in to check if there is any sign of mosquitoes breeding?
Me: I guess so. (thinking hard, if Auntie Serene will make noise I let strangers into the house. What the heck, this girl showed me her official pass, so I let her in).

Me: There is a case here?
Officer: Yes, one case around here, so, we are asked to check the neighbourhood.

Sound so familiar. I was down with dengue when I was 14. It was no joke, really. I was put in the intensive ward, together with many dying patients. One week there, I was poked uncountable times for blood test to monitor my platelet level. Few days down the road, I was ordered CRIB. If you are a Red Cross member, you will know.

CRIB stands for Complete Rest In Bed. I was not allowed to get down from the bed. Why? Because if I fall and hurt myself, bleeding will not stop. That will kill me. But I was stubborn too. Nurses gave paracetamol to cease the fever, but I threw the pills away. I don't think it would help anyway. (My own stubborn thinking... there is no cure for dengue, isn't it?)

That week, one patient passed away. I hated the nurse when she came to my bed at midnight and bathed me with iced water. It was freaking cold ok!!! That is the difference between Chinese and Western style. Chinese style encourages you to sweat when you have fever. Western style encourages you to cool it off and that includes taking ice water bath!

More than 10 years now, but the scar from the poking still visible on my wrists. Both wrists! They couldn’t poke anymore on one wrist, moved on to the other, and last but not least moved up the wrist. Those are blood sucker. :-(

Back to present, few days ago, I was bitten by mosquitoes. Early morning when I had breakfast with Jeff. I had more than 20 itchy spots that morning. Itchy… and few nights ago, I was bitten again when I was sleeping. Pray hard… I don’t want to be hospitalized in Sg….

Friday, May 11, 2007

First class

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I went to the first class tonight. First time to SQI ever since they moved to Tannery Lane. It is nearer to office, but I do not like the new place. It’s in an industrial building, situated middle of nowhere. Imagine, starting from Mon, I’ll have to go back at 10pm every Mon, Wed, Fri, walking out to the bus stop situated at the main road. Going to washroom was scary too.

I was the only female student tonight. I asked the administrator if I am the only one this intake. She said there is another girl, but she is not in town now, will be back on 21st. Hope this girl and I will be in the same study group, then, I will have a company out from the isolated place.

Mr. Too started today’s introduction. It was motivating when he told us success stories. He said, students are normally headhunted once they finished their theory examination. Most of his students found new jobs with a fantastic pay raise. Main point is to pass the examination and the project.

Potential employer will judge our capability based on our project. We need to do a presentation end of the course. I guess just like our final year thesis, we presented our final year project to a panel of examiners.

It’s a sacrifice for 4 months, but I am telling myself, it’s worthy. It’s worth the money I am investing, and it’s worth the hassle and time I am going to spend.

(Btw, I heard that it costs almost 6 times to do a Black Belt course in Germany. We are lucky……)

I love PayPerPost

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This is a sponsored post
I first started this blog to pen down my thoughts. Then I chanced upon my dearest old friend, Fiona’s blog with many sponsored posts. I wasn’t really interested in the beginning, as I thought to myself, “what a scam”. But as time goes by, I am curious to know, if it’s for real. I mean, are the opportunities to write what you like and get paid for it, IS FOR REAL?

So, I signed up with PayPerPost somewhere end of Apr’07. Then started with my first opportunity, to write about Stone Hawk. The first time, I was rejected; because I didn’t know I was supposed to indicate in my post that it was sponsored or something of that sort. So, I re-submitted my post and got it approved. And there, I earned U$12 for that post.

All in all, I have grabbed a few opportunities that came along. Sometimes, I am so excited about what opportunities would be available. When I log in PayPerPost, I refresh my page numerous times, to make sure that I get the opportunities once available. PayPerPost offers more opportunities to blogs with heavier traffic, so, I am working hard to expand my blogging network and hopped from blog to blog to know more people.

Now, my blog is a bit commercialized, but who would resist money you get by doing something you like? For me, it’s definitely writing…

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Goals in life

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I am asked by Fiona to write about goals in life. Well, I have been procrastinating for few days, ponder over the topic. I told her, “the easier the topic is, the more difficult it is to write”. I do not really have goal in life. I “see step, walk step”. So I have to think hard of my goals.

1) One short term goal for me is to be Six Sigma Black Belt certified by this year.

2) This will help me in my second goal, to value add to whichever company I am / going to work with, help in cost savings and continuous improvements. (well, it’s a long way to go)

3) These contributions will then increase my income of course. (dreaming away….)

4) I would also like to bring my mum to Great Wall of China. Not that I do not have the money now, but it’s really difficult for me to plan for holidays. I have never planned one. :-( Poor mum… (but I didn’t stop here, I asked mum to join her siblings / friends if they are going anywhere she likes)

5) Well, mum loves to travel, and so do I. I wish to be able to travel to most places in the world. Why did I say ‘most’ instead of ‘all’? That is because I will definitely skip a few countries where the people live in poverty. I can’t bring myself to….. my heart will go all out to them, and I will cry throughout the journey. So, no thanks.

How about Paris for Eiffel Tower? Oh yes, it’s my dream, not a goal. I do not know how I live without my dream. I am sure, one day, I will be there, and fulfill my dream….

Let me pass this baton to Nigel , Phoenixburnz and Jessica.

Lowest Bid WINS!

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This is a sponsored post
Winning a prize with the lowest bid at the end of the game. There are a few prizes for auction, to know how to play, just click on the link.

The prize I want to win the most Panasonic 42" TV & Bose DVD Theater System.

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Then I can stay in the room and enjoy my favorite movies with good surround system. I wonder what Auntie Serene will say when my tv is much bigger than hers. :-p

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Masterseek - The New Global Search Engine

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This is a sponsored post

Companies are working very hard to expand business network globally.

Masterseek is the new global search engine that provides quick and free access to company profiles, contact information and descriptions of products and services from more than 45 million companies in 75 countries. You can also search in your own country or worldwide and find business partners, sales opportunities and new avenues to expand your business and increase your company’s profit. You may enter your company profile and showcase your products and services.

Sometimes, I surf the net and search for potential suppliers through search engines. So, what are you waiting for? Load your company profile, and wait to be discovered!

Bug - Lionsgate Movie

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This is a sponsored post

Bug movie is an American psychological horror film ready for release in 2007 (on 25th May’07 to be exact) from Lionsgate. It's directed by William Friedkin, starring Ashley Judd, Harry Connick Jr and Michael Shannon. The film is based on the play Bug written by Tracy Letts.

In a seedy Oklahoma City motel room, Agnes, a divorced waitress with a fondness for cocaine and isolation meets Peter, a soft-spoken Gulf War drifter introduced by her lesbian friend, R.C. Agnes stays at a hotel in hopes of avoiding her physically abusive ex-husband, Jerry, who was just released from prison. At first, she lets Peter sleep platonically on her floor, but not long after she promotes him to the bed. Matters become more complicated as Jerry eagerly returns to the woman he loves to beat her up, expecting to resume their relationship. On top of that, there’s a hidden bug infestation problem that has both Agnes and Peter dealing with scathing welts and festering sores, which has Peter believing this is the result of experiments conducted on him during his stay at an army hospital. Their fears soon escalate to paranoia, conspiracy theories and twisted psychological motives.

Below, latest posters by Liongates. These posters gave me the horror and disturbing, eerie creeps to the spine as if the bug is under my skin.

Check the trailer out. :-)

Bloggerwave, new opportunities for bloggers

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This is a sponsored post

Do you want to get paid by writing blogs? Here is a golden opportunity for you, Bloggerwave is looking for bloggers.

Sign on with Bloggerwave and you will have opportunities lining up for you to grab, and start earning money right away.

Choose opportunities that appeal to you, write about things you love, and get paid. Isn’t that wonderful?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Personality Test... again.. :-p

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Your Blogging Type is Artistic and Passionate

You see your blog as the ultimate personal expression - and work hard to make it great.
One moment you may be working on a new dramatic design for your blog...
And the next, you're passionately writing about your pet causes.
Your blog is very important - and you're careful about who you share it with.

You Are 63% Passionate, 37% Compassionate

You are very passionate, especially when it comes to love.
In fact, it's sometimes difficult for you to tell between love and lust.
You jump in head first, and figure things out later... usually when it's all over!

What Your Bathroom Habits Say About You

You are very independent and self-centered. You don't solve other people's problems - and you don't expect them to solve yours.

You spend a lot on clothes, and you tend to be a very dresser. However, it's hard for you to throw away trendy clothes when they go out of style.

You are a very outgoing person. You are true to yourself, and you never hold back.

In relationships, you are practical and realistic. You have a romantic side, but you only let it out when it's appropriate.

You Sometimes Hold a Grudge

You aren't exactly vengeful, but you're not going to forget when someone wrongs you.
And while you'll forgive the small things, you don't hand out too many second chances to people who really screw up.

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