Sunday, May 27, 2007

My blog in search engine!

I have been monitoring MyBlogLog for a few days now. It tells me where my readers came from, I mean, for those really came from somewhere. What do I mean?

Let’s say someone searching for something in the search engine and happened that I wrote about the keywords, and clicked on my blog URL, then, I know that someone came from this specific search engine. For example, there is this Korean reader, who was searching for “Russia”. Remember I wrote a paid blog about That’s it, he/she found me. :-)
MyBlogLog - Yesterday's Stats
[However, above do not apply to those who came from nowhere, ie. practically typed out my URL or added me into their Favorites folder.]

Ok, let me go to the main point of today’s entry. I find that my post about “renew pr” has been read a couple of times from these strangers who are looking for information on the net. Their findings from my blog must be useful! But I personally do not think so.

One look, my blog looks dull, blue theme coz my favorite colour! And too wordy… lack of pics.. maybe I should try to put in more pics or illustrations so readers are more interested and find my blog useful and interesting.

I’ll try on yesterday’s blog about M&M, it’s a definitely worth sharing kinda thing. :-)

2 lil' thoughts:

Sweetpea on 8:50 AM said...

just want to comment it's beautiful music you've got here :) and i've to wait till it's finished before i type this :P

Colleen on 1:19 PM said...

Thanks sweetpea, I got it from Kev's playlist. Love it too! :-)


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