Monday, May 14, 2007

Deal or No Deal

It was the premiere of Deal or No Deal on Channel 5 yesterday. The lucky contestant was Harry (Adrian teased him “Hairy” as opposed to Harry’s nickname when he was young, “Botak”).

Harry said his lucky number is 13, but he chose case numbered 11, claimed to be a good number after discussing with his wife and some spiritual thingy. So, 11 it is. His supporters were Timmy (his 14 years friend), his sister and his wife.

He said he wants to win the S$ 250K because he wants to bring his wife to second honeymoon. What’s wrong with the first one? Because his mother in law followed and slept in the same room during their first honeymoon. Ya, lame.. darn lame..

I hated Harry the moment he introduced himself. Call it perception, but he gave me a very bad impression. Joker, but not funny. Coward, pretentious, over acting, that’s what I think about him.

One moment, he asked his wife if they’ll go back happily even if he won only S$100 when he was prepared to pass banker’s offer. Well, you are a big man, you can decide for yourself. Why shift the “blame” to your wife? Respecting wife is one thing, shirking responsibility is another thing. I hated his doing.

Another moment, he told Timmy that if he won, he will treat Timmy to roti prata. He said roti prata only ok, kosong. Well, what a retarded thing to say, in front of a national tv. Then, Timmy suggested a big value case, Harry said “no more roti prata for you. I will step step the roti prata and let you eat”. Another retarded thing to say.

He won S$16K plus (taking banker’s offer)….. at the end of the show, case numbered 13 revealed S$150K (or was it 100K?). Harry said “oh, I should have taken my lucky number!”.

***speechless ! ! !***

You can play it online ... (it is definitely faster without Adrian's speech. Only diff is, there are no pretty gals....:-p)

2 lil' thoughts:

babyfiona on 2:32 PM said...

i like this show also! but in mandarin version for Malaysia here. Sometimes is quite stupid when i see them play.. -___-" cant make any decision at all.

Colleen on 2:49 PM said...

Ya, I watched one episode of Msia version that day when I was back home. :-) My parents are hooked.. kekeke...

It's kinda brainless game huh..

(Comparing yesterday's premiere of Sg version and Msia version, I prefer Msia version, ya, Malaysia Boleh. :-p)


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