Monday, May 07, 2007

Please be kind.......(?)

I was crossing the road after dinner on Friday, as usual, had to walk past the traffic light. From far, I saw a woman with walking stick poking here and there, searching for direction. A few people around her stared, but didn’t walk near. In fact, I could see “wonders” in their eyes. “Is she really blind?

When I reached the traffic light, I thought I saw her staring at me, and wanted to talk to me.
She said: Hello there.
I said: Yes! (I was also wondering if she is really blind? Is she a con woman? What she wants from me? Do I help her cross the road?)
She asked: Are you crossing the road?
I said: Yes, I am. (My heart beat faster, not sure if I were to believe her, coz I swear I saw her reacted towards me!)
She said: Can you please help me?
I said: Sure. Just hold on, we have to wait for green light.
She said: Thanks a lot.
I said: No problem.

I held her hand, guided her across the road, when the light turned green. And I left her when we reached across. I was not sure if that was a good thing to do. But something inside me said it was not a good idea to walk her home. I just hope that if she is really blind, she didn't sense the fear in my voice. :-(

This makes me ponder, why am I so conscious whenever I see people in need? Blame the social problem happening all the time, rape, con, robbery, snatch theft, and etc.

I was at Bedok Interchange after facial, 2 months back. One Malay old woman fell on her knees. There were more than a handful people there, watching, staring at her, as if she was doing some circus stunts. A gentleman and I went forward, held her, and brought her to her feet. She looked shocked and couldn’t bring herself together. After settling her on a bench, both of us left her there. There was just this much we could do, right?

Another example would be those forwarded email we received, day in, day out. “Please forward this to n people and this unlucky baby will be given 5 cents for each email you sent”. To believe or not? If that charitable and noble organization that is supposed to give 5 cents for each email sent, why doesn’t the organization just donate that money, save the hassle? In most cases, the name of the organization didn’t appear anywhere along the line. When I voiced this out, May would say “because of all the spam, those really in need will be neglected”. Oh so true….

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