Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm praying for her

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She is never sick. She is healthy, bubbly and chatty. One medical check-up changed our lives. Doc found thyroid as big as 25mm on her right side.

I seldom go online at night. I was on MSN that fateful night. She was online, to chat with bf at overseas. Then she greeted me, telling me they had medical check-up arranged by company in the day. I said “ok, so, how was it?” I asked casually because I have never thought we would find anything just with a check-up, when we are up healthy and bubbly.

“Hyperthyroid”, she told me.

“You sure?”

“Yes, and I need to go for operation”, she added.

“OK, when will that be?” I asked.

“I am not too sure, probably early May.”

“I hope I can make a trip to visit you then.”

Then, she went for second opinion in different hospital. The result is the same, she has to undergo an operation to get it out, coz the doctors are not sure if the tumour is malign.

I know, everyone will tell me, this operation ain’t a major one, and people survived these operations. But I am saddened, not just by the fact that she has to get her neck operated, but the thought of we are parting for good. I felt so sad I cried hard. Was my last trip there when I hugged her was for the last time? Would I have an opportunity to see her again?

“This working environment may not be suitable for me. I think my health deteriorated” This sentence keeps ringing in my head.

I know with her leaving, it’s for her own good. I wish her the best. We are fated to be each other’s good friend despite our differences in nationality, mentality, culture, age and bringing-up. We are already thousands of miles away; she’ll be further where I can’t visit every other month.

“Please check with doctor what you can eat to heal faster after the operation. I’ll bring over some “shen yu” essence for speedy healing. What else is needed….”

She is going to be admitted tomorrow. Operation scheduled to be on Monday. She called just now to say a few words, and I asked her to take care. It was awkward; I wanted to tell her that I’ll pray for her. But she doesn’t believe in God.

I pray for her well being. I wish I could be with her.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kinsella's Latest: Remember Me?

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I was in Kinokuniya, and I caught a glimpse of this and uttered “OMG”…..

Oh yes, been months since I visited Kinsella’s website, and I didn’t know this book was in the making. True as it is, one book a year, and the wait…? Worthy :-)

But it cost thirty over dollars, the last bought I book at thirty over dollars was Shopaholic & Baby, last year. :-p I hardly rent anymore, to reduce cost. Cost of living is rising, I have to try to save more. :-p

Confessions of a Shopaholic movie is in the making. I am suppressing my hope and expectation. Seeing it on movie and reading it will be totally different, this I must plant in my mind before feeling disappointed again, just like what Memoirs of a Geisha and Da Vinci code did. :-(

But then, it’s something to look forward to…. :-) Long live Kinsella….

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