Thursday, October 02, 2008

She is safe and sound...

3 lil' thoughts
“How are you feeling today?” I asked her at almost 10am.

“A bit painful now….”, she replied.

“What? Painful? And you are still at work?”

“Ya, I am trying to understand if it’s real pain, or Braxton Hicks.”

“What is Braxton Hicks?” I asked.

“Check in the internet lar..”

So, I checked, apparently Braxton Hicks is false labour contractions. Meaning, false alarm. After a while, I checked on her.

“Are you still there?”

“Yes, if I go offline, then, I am home already”

Hours later, I saw that she was offline. So, I sent a sms. She replied at 3+.

“Already done.”

I felt touched and happy for her at the same time. I remember how she told me she is scared of what will happen during labour and stuffs like that. I was so emotional when I told M.

Then Sab messaged from Melbourne, saying she heard J gave birth to a baby boy.

“Why does everyone know you gave birth to a baby boy but me ah?”

“I thought I smsed you to tell you I already delivered? They called and asked about the gender.”

“How come you told me you were expecting a princess when you were still pregnant ah?”

She replied me late at night, “I also don’t know what the gender wo, most people tell me I am carrying a gal.”

“Anyway, I am happy for you, sleep well, it’s late.”

“Thank you.. anyway there’s no such thing as late.. newborn doesn’t know that night is for sleeping..”

There goes my best friend. Always have things to say about whatever I bring up. And that was the closest I could be with her this time. The last, I wasn’t really around, and it was heartbreaking to know she was rather lonely when she was waiting for labour. This time round, I am very near, I almost felt the joy.

Now I look at babies, I have so much emotion stirring inside. I am touched, happy, joyous, pity and feel suffocated at the same time. Perhaps that’s why they always say, you’ll never be prepared by what kids will bring.

But I hope the best for her, wish the best for her, and wish I could be with her all the time when she needed me.

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