Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am selfish...

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The back of our car was knocked by a cab last week, causing the boot dented and couldn’t close. Then hubby sent the car to workshop. Since then, both of us have been relying on public transport.

On the second day, his colleague sent him to customer’s place which was at Jurong East. He took the MRT home via the wrong line. He was supposed to take the East-West Line to Outram Park then change to North-East Line to home. Instead, he took the North-South Line to Bishan, then changed for bus towards home. The ride made him sick. haha.. While I went to meet my ex colleagues after work at Bugis. We had steamboat at this newly opened Golden Chopstick Restaurant. Food was so-so though it was really filling. Catching up with Alvin, Alex, Chai and Uncle Chong was fun though as usual, I was the only lady in the group.
Meeting lecturer at Kembangan and going home at 10+ wasn't easy without hubby's chauffeuring service. :-p

MIL didn't feel well over the weekend. So, hubby and I went marketing around the neighbourhood block. I cooked lunch.

And....... cooked lunch and dinner the next day.... yeah, I couldn't imagine myself in the kitchen for few times a day, but that's life I guess.
MIL was still not well on Monday, so we decided to bring her to doctor. But how? I did not wish to take leave again, feeling it was not right to mix personal and work life together. So, it was decided that I would take time off from work to pick MIL and send her to clinic, then back to work again. Told MIL to call me after her visit, but she went home by cab herself.

I am rather selfish, I think this arrangement can't go on. I know MIL is getting older, health is deteriorating. Perhaps we should really consider hiring a maid to company her around.

We seriously should consider....
Anyway, I am so glad we are getting the car back today, hooooray!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Beauty Products... :-D

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MIL’s test result was out. Doc said it’s not cancerous. We breathed a sigh of relief. We really can’t imagine if the worst happen to her at this age. Thank god.

So, it’s something called for celebration. Hubby brought me to Bugis for my favorite dinner. I had lamb chop and he had chicken chop at V8 Restaurant at Bugis Junction. Then we walked about at Bugis Village.

Hehehe.. yeah, how would I go home without purchasing something…. Well, I planned to get some foundation to replace the old one, so I am not guilty of impulse purchase. In fact, it has been so loooong since I last impulse purchased. :-p Hahaha…

I bought this PRIVIA peeling gel. It is a gentle action gel, perfect for deep and thorough exfoliation. You can feel the “residue” when you rub and rub gently on your face. Good to remove dead skin cells to accelerate skin renewal. And what’s more, it is enriched with Vitamin C!

The packaging is pretty, isn’t it? The price was reasonable too. :-) Hubby liked the feeling after the exfoliation, “smoother” he said. I think so too… hahaha..
Beautiful packaging :-)

Ok, I deviated a bit from my “original” plan, to buy foundation. Hahaha… as usual.. tried on the PRIVIA Clear 2-Way Cake. You know, I can’t help praising the packaging.. the shiny and beautiful packaging is really attractive.

I was told this 2-way cake is one of the professional series. It has micro particle pearl content, to give my skin a shimmering (whitening) look under natural sunlight. It’s excellent concealment for skin blemishes, pores and fine wrinkles. Collagen lifting complex content enhances skin’s elasticity. It’s suitable for problematic skin with firming properties.

I tried it on my hand, it’s really very natural, almost transparent, blended so well onto my skin. Reaching home, I couldn’t wait exploring it, it actually came with a clear plastic “divider” between the cake and the sponge compartment. The sponge was soft and smooth. What’s more, it actually came with an extra sponge! What a purchase…. :-D

Look at my happy face! :-D

To top it all, I was so attracted to the WHITE FLOWER’s Colourful Days range of lipstick. They have 22 colours for all kind of mood! Hahaha.. I got something more suitable for my personality, something nice, yet not too outstanding. Bought #C13 sweet pink brown, it’s really sweet!

Really sweet colour... :-)

Got to know that the shop actually carries many range of product, PRIVIA, WHITE FLOWER, AIZIM, ORANGE AVENUE (OA), and the latest addition is ELEVEE. I am going to write about them once I have time.. meanwhile, you could drop me a message if you would like to know more.. :-)

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