Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tired.. exhausted.. going down to minus infinity

I feel like at the descending tangent curve, down all the way to minus infinity….

Yesterday, I rushed to Orchard Plaza to meet SE and AF after delivering some samples for evaluation. Then rushed all the way back to SQI for class. Reached there at 7.30pm, exhausted and to make it worse, the new lecturer who taught was so damn boring I think he put most of us to “idle” mode. I was forced to sit at the back, and my mind started to wander everywhere.

Don’t really like the way Mr. Teo taught but we have to sit through another 7 evenings the least. He doesn’t give live industrial example so we are not able to feel and grab where we can apply our knowledge. More to theoretical, and keep telling you “well, you’ll know better when you do the project” or “I’ll sidetalk with you later about this issue” or “many people argued about this theory, but take it for now, we’ll learn more later”. Lame… but anyway, not for us to judge, the most we can make very full use of the survey form by the end of the course. :-( I hate being cruel and bad, but it’s for the institute’s continuous improvement!

When I was waiting for bus at Heartland Mall, boss smsed and asked to arrange for some evaluations for my Italy customer. He asked to retrieve email. I was really exhausted, and I had to check my mail at almost midnight? Well, what to do, Italy was still working and I had to call them first to get more information, else, we’ll lost another day waiting for these information. Lucky me, customer sent me useful information this morning when I turned up to work.

SA resigned and his last day confirmed to be on 1st June. The final decision was out, I am taking back some of my accounts. Deep inside, I am so glad, coz I do not have to keep counting the hours when I am in the office anymore. I felt like rotting and no motivation. Now, the motivation is back, but we lose a colleague.

I am really sleepy and tired today, really don’t feel like up to anything but yet have to do everything.

Boss starts to complain “why every time you get this kind of small flies… if you get one big shot, you can sleep already”. I think he is stressed, me too…………

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