Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Everyone is happy… :-)

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I went to SABians’96 reunion today. It was good. Met up with friends whom I have not met for 11 years, that’s slightly over a decade you know. And I was surprised to meet YY, a primary schoolmate, whom I have not met for 15 years, there gone a 1.5 decades.

Time flies… we caught up with each other, updating each other of what we are doing. Mommies exchanged experience and advices, and those in S club exchanged life experiences.

Felt really good, though I dreaded reunion. It was not too bad. I am glad I made it this time. And I silently made another promise to myself, that I will try to keep in touch with as many people as possible.

A short update:-
KW’s wife gave birth to a baby daughter on the eve of CNY, named Miracle.
YC and JT gave birth to baby daughters before X’mas.
SO is 6.5 months pregnant.
JL is 4 months into pregnancy now.
My cousin, CW’s BIG day is in Sept’07.
CL’s BIG day is in Oct’07.
YC’s BIG day is in Nov’07.

Friday, February 16, 2007

I am back in KL....

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I am back in KL, for Lunar NY. Yet another year, but something different.

Last few years, there have been some discussions with then boyfriends, whose home to visit first or stay longer, some sort of arrangement and compromise, one way or another. This year, I am alone, all alone that I do not have to think of visiting anybody except preparing myself for the dreadful reunion with high schoolmates.

Today, many things reminded me of Bas. Mum tried to ask if Bas is still hanging on and I think I actually saw her face fell when I said yes, Bas has moved on with his life. Well, sad to say, I missed him a little. I missed the massages he used to give me when I am too tired, just once or twice whining that he was tired himself. Missed him a little when little princess mentioned “gor gor” in her bubbly chats.

I really have to admit, and announce to the world that he had treated me really nice despite his frequent lies and unromantic way of loving. CJ said perhaps if Bas proposed earlier, I accepted earlier and we got married earlier, then I wouldn’t even bother to think of how our love is. Perhaps one day, when I realise his love doesn’t work for me, it will be too late to change anything.

Well, it is definitely too late to change anything now. I will just have to live with my own decision.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V-day :-)

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It’s V-day, love and romance is in the air. I can’t wait to see what surprises my dear friends will receive. If I were a guy, I would definitely be able to make my girl happy, touched and love me very much. Ha, having said this, I remember AZ told me when we were in Sec 5, that if she were a guy, she knew what I want and she sure managed to court me.

One colleague who is married to her childhood sweetheart, in her slightly past 35 I guess told me that old couple, will spend time at home, watching DVDs. Her hubby said eating in restaurants on V-day is expensive. But just now, her hubby actually had 3 dozens of roses delivered to office! Gosh, this is what we call, least expected. :-)

YJ, was once again, disappointed with K yesterday because of his always-busy-and-I-tried-hard-to-meet-you attitude. She told me they have been bickering these few days that it is almost impossible to have romantic day tomorrow. And last I heard K has parade at 6pm, making it even impossible to meet her for surprise. So, he “made effort” to meet her on eve of V-day. YJ is a drop dead romantic girl, and I can fully understand her need to be pampered once in a while. This morning, K surprisingly gave her a surprise, he went to YJ's house early morning, gave YJ a bouquet of rose to make up for his absence tonight and sent her to work. Wow, another happy surprise. :-)

ZL’s boyfriend came with a few friends the other day. They sang at the reception area, then her boyfriend gave her a bouquet of rose and kissed her. Ha, you are right, what, in the office? Well, young couple with youth and energy.

R called last week, telling me his wife told him that she wants a break, would like to have some time off their marriage. I guess it was because his wife was under exam stress. He was very worried, asked me what to do. What can I say to such important matter? It’s the marriage we are talking about you know. I could only pray for their well being.

R just called again. He said his wife finished exam and he is buying her a hand phone as V-day gift. Honestly, he has been buying new gadget for her every year. For the first year I know him, he bought a hand phone for her, the next year, he bought her a laptop. This is the third year, and he is buying her another hand phone.

That day when I was having lunch with my colleagues, we were talking yet about the same topic, V-day.

What are you going to buy for your wife?” JL was asked.
Nothing” he answered.
How about you?” DW’s turn.
Not sure yet, depend on what she buys for me” he replied.

Then the table turned to me “if your better half didn’t buy you anything, would you be angry?

Well, when I was with my just-turned-ex boyfriend, he didn’t buy anything for V-day, B-day, Anniversary or X’mas” I answered.

But you’ve got such a big bouquet of flower on your birthday last year!
Yes, going to sound unfair, but I got that bouquet of flower because I threw tantrum! Not because he was romantic or anything” I explained.

It’s really funny, when I was with B, I had this expectation or hope that he’ll make some effort to celebrate with me. But as of now, I hope my friends around me get surprises from their better half so that they are happy. I am happy by myself, I have even bought a box of Andes mint chocolates so I can make everyone happy. (I hope I am generous enough to get a stalk of rose for each of the girls in the office, but would I be a bit too extreme?)

To those in love out there, may you guys treasure your loved ones as if everyday is V-day. Happy V-day, muuuaaacks!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Turning Thirty...

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Just before this, I have finished reading Best of Friends and Just Between Us by Cathy Kelly. I have a silence confession to make, by the time I was reading the second book, I kinda needed some motivation to keep moving. Perhaps 2 books from the same author are a bit too much to digest.

Ok, so, now I am reading this book, “Turning Thirty” by Mike Gayle. Well, I have to admit that this is the first time, in the recent decade I am reading a man author’s writing. I am not sure I have read any during school time, you know, those literature books, I supposed we all did…

From this book, I learned what Matt thinks when he turns thirty, a significant age for an individual. And I am not surprised to notice that Martians and Venusians think differently in this matter.

Martians for instance, thinking of if they have the thirty-year-old job with a matching thirty-year-old pay, with a car only thirty-year-old would drive and of course, the significant better half he will be celebrating this big turnover.

Venusians, less complicated, though as demanding, but in my opinion, feminine. I read in LFL’s a list of to-do before a girl turns thirty, ie. own a piece of descent jewellery, been to a descent holiday alone once in her life, etc and etc. Less significant things in the whole picture, but quite significant for Venusians, I guess.

Well, it’s definitely not the end, it’s just the beginning of good life. I still have 2 years to go before thirty.

What have I accomplished so far?

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