Monday, May 21, 2007

Credit Card Anyone?

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You know, in Sg, many people carry more than one credit card. The reason? As simple as “kiasu”, meaning fear of losing. Hehehe.. Well, most of the credit cards offer discounts at various places, ie. restaurants, sports facilities, golf courses, really depends. They say, “use different credit card for discounts at different place”. :-p

Well, I first got my credit card when EK gave me a supplementary Amex card when I first started work, but I have never used, not even once. I do not know if the card actually works. :-p

I was not bothered to use a credit card previously, because it’s very convenient to use NETS in Sg. Just use your ATM card to shop, you can still shop till you drop. Until one day, DBS called me, offered me a free annual fee and no-need-to-do-anything to get a credit card, DBS Visa Platinum somemore.

Being the usual lazy me, I was like, “you sure I do not have to make my way to the bank? I hate it you know.” He said “Yes, Ms. Chow, you do not have to come. We’ll have the form sent to you. Just pass to the dispatch a copy of your IC and payslip. We’ll have everything done.” So…. Of course, I grabbed it.

In less than a week, I got my first credit card, not the normal one, the higher class one. But I rarely use credit card. :-( This card didn’t give me any benefit at all. :-( To earn one pathetic point, I had to spend SGD5. Spent hundreds and you get that pathetic “few” points. Then, the privileges they offered me, nothing of my interest or actually, none of them affordable.

Just one month before the free membership for this high class card ends, I requested for POSB Everyday Credit Card. Was interested in their 5 years membership fees waiver and of course, the instant cash rebate each time you spend. :-)

Well, the points are rewarded in cash form, so, nowadays, if I shop at Watsons, I will use my rebates to pay off the bill. Cool huh…

My next target, if I am offered a few years waiver and another no-need-to-do-anything to get a credit card, I will get the UOB Lady’s Card. I heard that it’s a must have for ladies. :-) Exclusive huh….

Special credit card guide for people who intend to get credit card/s and articles for credit card users that need more information. Also check this out for credit card comparison that may be of use to you.

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s_jenkins said...

So which credit card gave you the best benefits and rates? I am trying to look for a new one and am using as a way to compare credit cards.


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