Friday, May 25, 2007

Win A Date With Celeb

This is a sponsored post is running a contest that allows you to win a date with celebrity, Mirelly Taylor who has appeared on movies like "Kiss Me Again" and "Serving Sara" and television shows including "Las Vegas" and "Numb3rs".

I especially like Mirelly’s introduction video, the line she said “it’s difficult to find good man”. She is jolly, looks cheerful, smiling sweetly, with deep dimples on the cheeks. She looks so sweet. At some angle, I find that she looks quite like Julia Robert, with the same big wavy curly hair and sweet smile that can kill. :-)

Check the video here.

Hmmm… if you are interested in winning the date with her, you must be sexy. She’s not just looking for a good man, but sexy one as well. So, why wait, grab your chance….

Seduce a Celeb will run on over the next 14 weeks. It is an online first! The online audience actually becomes part of the program through the submission of user videos. It is an interesting way to run a competition, we must admit. (I personally think it’s way better than those self-auction on web. No class…)

If you have time to spare, check Free videos at

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