Thursday, May 10, 2007

Goals in life

I am asked by Fiona to write about goals in life. Well, I have been procrastinating for few days, ponder over the topic. I told her, “the easier the topic is, the more difficult it is to write”. I do not really have goal in life. I “see step, walk step”. So I have to think hard of my goals.

1) One short term goal for me is to be Six Sigma Black Belt certified by this year.

2) This will help me in my second goal, to value add to whichever company I am / going to work with, help in cost savings and continuous improvements. (well, it’s a long way to go)

3) These contributions will then increase my income of course. (dreaming away….)

4) I would also like to bring my mum to Great Wall of China. Not that I do not have the money now, but it’s really difficult for me to plan for holidays. I have never planned one. :-( Poor mum… (but I didn’t stop here, I asked mum to join her siblings / friends if they are going anywhere she likes)

5) Well, mum loves to travel, and so do I. I wish to be able to travel to most places in the world. Why did I say ‘most’ instead of ‘all’? That is because I will definitely skip a few countries where the people live in poverty. I can’t bring myself to….. my heart will go all out to them, and I will cry throughout the journey. So, no thanks.

How about Paris for Eiffel Tower? Oh yes, it’s my dream, not a goal. I do not know how I live without my dream. I am sure, one day, I will be there, and fulfill my dream….

Let me pass this baton to Nigel , Phoenixburnz and Jessica.

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