Saturday, May 26, 2007

Good news, fun and not so fun

It's gonna be a not so long entry here, because I need to get the laundry done and out shopping with AT. My dear AT is having some emotional breakdown and we have decided to go for shopping therapy (Singapore Great Sale started yesterday..... wa hahaha).

Kekeke... kill 3 birds with one stone, cure his emotional breakdown, shop for his gf and ME!!!

Good news

PPP has added my first paid blog (about Stone Hawk, the drug rehab) fee into PayPal. They paid U$12, equivalent to S$17.87. Ya, I agree the rate is not so good, but it’s “easy earned” money. :-) Later on, I still need to verify the PayPal, need to get POSB to tell me the institution code and branch code before I can cash out from PayPal. S$1 is chargeable if I withdraw less than $200.

It’s not so convenient for Malaysian account I heard from Fiona. So, I am lucky. :-)


We had a very decent session last night in Liquid Kitchen. We ordered our favorite, ie. top shell, bangers and mash, mini octopus, mushrooms.. yummy. And I had a pint of Erdinger. Ok, I took 2 hours (or plus?) to finish that pint but so what?

What we had was fun, that’s most important.

I didn’t get the 15% discount mentioned in my previous post because my card is POSB card, only DBS card entitled to the 15% discount. :-(

Not so fun

Mr. Teo said he'll start class at 7.15pm from Mon onwards. Being the firs to arrive most of the time because my office is so near SQI, I am not so happy. Not that I am selfish, but I can foresee the “future”.

Officially start at 7.15pm, means he’ll start teaching at about 7.30pm, and then we’ll finish at 10pm without finishing the syllabus. Not that I paid much attention in his class anyway. I know, it’s such a waste of $$$ to pay five over thousand dollars to not listen to your lecturer. But trust me; you’ll not be able to. You’ll start disagreeing in any single thing he says.

L, one of my classmates kept challenging Mr. Teo’s numbers, though he didn’t sound that way. As usual, Mr. Teo brushed most of our questions and disagreements away.

I am not the only one. More than half of the class share the same sentiment. We are bored in his class! We missed Mr. Too, our dear humorous, kind hearted, thoughtful, sociable and very experienced Mr. Too, but he’ll be back to class only in July. :-(

Well, the good news is, I am going to Italy first week of June, meaning I can skip 3 of Mr. Teo’s class. Hahaha…

Come to think about it, our lecturers’ name starts with “T”. Mr. Too, Mr. Teo, Mr. Timothy, and Ms. Thia.

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