Saturday, June 05, 2010

OSCAR Scan : 3rd Jun'10 (11wks++)

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Weight: back to 45.5kg
Baby's length: 5.42cm

We reached gynae's clinic at 9.05am, and were told to pay for the blood test first. Then we made our way to the Fetal Assessment Unit in Level 4. There, we need to pay for the remaining OSCAR scan. And I was told to drink water.

While I was having the 2nd glass, and hubby went to check on when blood test will be, my name was called.

There was another mum to be looked at me with her eyes wide opened. Oh, my customer! We promised to talk after my scan. And so I went in.

Bladder was not full, so can't see much. Sonographer said baby was facing sideway, so she couldn't measure the neck thickness. She tried to press with the scanner and baby wailed, as if asked us not to disturb. No choice, I was asked to take a walk while waiting for bladder to be full and to wait till baby turned to the right position.

20 mins later, I told hubby I have full bladder and we should go for the scan. Hubby asked why only mummies go in, why no daddies. Hahaha.. first time, I see hubby so anxious to see baby. I thought he was cool about it. :-) Men!

After taken some measurements, the sonographer (a different one this time) asked me to empty my bladder and asked hubby to come in as well. Baby now measured 5.42cm with heart beat of 169bpm. :-)

Could see baby's forehead and nose.. but did not get the print this time.

As the analyser machine broke down, we could have result only next week the earliest, but I will not be in town. Maybe when I come back from the trip.

Meanwhile, hope baby fish behaves.. :-)

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