Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Stone Hawk

This is a sponsored post by Stone Hawk

Stone Hawk doesn’t sound like what it really is. It is a drug rehab centre located in Michigan with a beautiful and comfortable treatment facility set-up and breathtaking scenery by the lakeside. I personally think it is a good place for recovery.

Founded by Mr. Kellogg (yes, that’s right, Kellogg as in the Kellogg’s cereal but the brother), Stone Hawk has success rate of more than 76%, offering treatments for various type of addictions, from coke to pain killer addiction.

Well, we all know drug addiction need to be treated so why not let the professionals advise you what they can do?

You may want to visit their website for more information and decide what is best for yourself or your loved ones.

2 lil' thoughts:

babyfiona on 4:21 PM said...

So fast approved? Great!

Colleen on 8:16 PM said...

Ya lor.. thanks for guiding me.. hehehe.. :-)


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