Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Wuxi Trip

Wuxi Trip

It was very hot and humid in Wuxi. The 2-weeks trip became a 4-days trip when customer canceled 2nd meeting.

Which was a blessing in disguise, when the day after the first meeting, I found rashes on my arms and legs. I was so worried when Diana told me if I was going to see a doctor in China, if there is anything wrong with my health, then I will not be allowed to enter Sg. OMG…. I already have almost next to nobody in Sg, what to say in China!!!

I was worried of dengue, coz I read online that people who had dengue before are at higher risk for contracting dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and dying a gruesome death. Damn it… with the 40 over degree Celsius like weather, I felt like my body temperature rose by the seconds.

Once again, like last year, I had to put wet towel on my forehead and cheeks, used cold mineral water bottle on them as well. It was especially bad starting 3pm. Boss said maybe it’s fever, asked me to take panadol and monitor. Then the rashes subsided and I went back to hotel early. Honestly, that was the earliest I left company, 5.20pm when the taxi we called arrived.

I slept with full blast air-cond. Stepping out to non-air cond environment was bad. I Ungrateful creature, keep whining and whining. Now, I definitely appreciate winter (except the thick layers of clothing perhaps?). I rather die of cold than heat.

Blades of Glory

When I boarded the plane, I thought to myself I have watched enough the June flight entertainment. The 12 hours flight to Frankurt back and forth and to Shanghai. I am bored of the choices of movies. So, I decided not to watch any stupid show out of desperation.

Just before the plane took-off, I decided to take a look at the TV programme choices. Haha… to my surprise, they changed the entertainment to July already! Which means, I had a full series of new movies to choose.. and deng deng deng… the show I wanted to watch for so long… Blades of Glory!

Fiona, Daniel, SA said the show’s damn funny. I just didn’t get the chance to get to the big screen. :-( Anyway, back to the show… I laughed out in the plane, but not so syiok coz the man who sat beside me was sleeping through the flight. I wanted to LOL. :-p

I laughed especially louder the part both Chazz and Jimmy performed the first time. You know, the scene with their p*n*s close to each other. Hahaha…. It was hilarious. Hahahahahahahahaha……

And I like one phrase from Chazz “looking is free, touching will cost you something”.

Reminds me of the cab driver when I was in Wuxi. I was wearing short skirt with slits to dinner on Wed. And, because there were 4 of us, I sat beside the driver. The driver turned his head practically 90deg and stared at my thigh. Sigh… didn’t know what to do; I put my bag to cover the slit. :-( Then I told Diana in my very bad Hokkien, that the guy stared at my thigh! Then she said, never mind, stare only, if he touch you then he knows. :-(



After Blades of Glory, I was interested in watching Premonition. I like Sandra Bullock’s shows. Previously when I fly to Guangzhou, I watched The Lake House, it was good. Anyway, these are my types of show. Not guys’ type of show I guess.

Linda (Sandra Bullock) is living her lives out of order. One day, she received news that her husband, Jim died of car accident. The next day, when she woke up, Jim is at home, treating her coldly. Then the following, her mum asked to arrange for funeral. The very next, Jim is alive.

It was “haunting” her and she wants to do her best to save her husband, from the car accident that will happen (or happened) at Mile 220.

Twist of fate, when she discovered Jim actually has an affair with Claire, the assistant manager in his company.

The cool part, when Linda went to Claire’s house and asked if there was anything they should talk about, especially about her husband. And Claire’s asked if Jim has told her. Linda said “no, I think you have just told me”.

Linda handled it well when she knew her husband has an affair. But she was torn whether to let her husband die, knowing he will die at Mile 220. Is letting him die means killing him?

At the end of the show, my opinion is, Linda “killed” her own husband. Her husband broke up with Claire just a moment before Linda called. And Linda asked him to pull over, didn’t realize it was Mile 220. Jim’s car stucked in the middle of the expressway and……

Sometimes, some things are just too late…

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Nastasshea@Nesh on 10:41 AM said...

Hey i watched Blades of Glory already but I never quite enjoy it... not my kinda comedy I guess. I still prefer comedys by the blacks like White Chicks!

Colleen on 12:18 PM said...

Hey Nesh.. I love White Chicks too! Hahaha... :-)

babyfiona on 9:58 PM said...

both also i likes ;p

Shayne said...

No doubt, the chap is totally fair.
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