Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Spying Tools

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I was given the mission to spy on him, the most dangerous man in town. I did a research on how I can accomplish the task, without revealing my true identity.

Option 1: I disguise myself, and join the gang as the undercover. Risky…

Option 2: Using Undercover Girls Secret Listener that looks like an ordinary CD player, but pop open the lid to reveal a powerful listening tool that can hear sounds from 30 feet away. The two hidden ear-bud pieces let me listen alone or share with my boss. Plus, I can jot down my observations with the included pen and notepad. Listener includes secret storage compartments.

Option 3: Using Spy Night Scope to see in the dark with night-beam vision that works day or night. By day, spy faraway objects with red surveillance lenses. At night, pop up the secret night beam for increased visibility. Scope includes wrist strap, pop-up spotlight that shines 25 feet, and 2.5X power binoculars.

Option 4: Keep an eye on the spies with the Spy Tracker System. This handy device lets me track movements up to 75 feet away, even through walls. It's easy: just place the sensors, draw a map and begin tracking. I can track him and move about undetected. The system includes a headquarters case with a light-up display, audible warning signals and three motion sensors.

On June 28th Michael Weston, a CIA Operative on USA Network's Burn Notice a new TV series, will show us how he deals with a similar situation.

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