Sunday, June 24, 2007

China, Chinese......

Leaving for China.... will not be back until 6th July'07
I will not be able to blog for the next 2 weeks. Not being able to pen down my thoughts when I have things to share doesn’t sound like a good idea. Too bad, China doesn’t allow blogspot.

It’s a 5 hours plus flight to Shanghai and then 2.5 hours car journey to Wuxi. This is the first time I am staying for more than a week. Weather around 25degC with “mei yu” on most of the days, it’ll shower non-stop making everything turn mouldy (tats what I am told). (mei=mouldy, yu=rain).

This is the 6th time to Wuxi, second time in June, beginning of summer. The first I was there, I wrote about how bad I felt, coz it was my first time experiencing summer. Summer in Wuxi is exceptionally warmer, and I am most afraid of heat. :-(

That day, I was reading Kev’s post about Tracy’s traveling blog. He commented that China would be a no-no for him. Haha… I share (or shared) the same sentiment.

My very first “reason” would be…. I do not know Chinese. I mean, I am a Chinese, and I speak Chinese, ie. Mandarin, Cantonese but I do not write or read Chinese. Blame it to the education system back then, or my parents for putting me into national school instead of Chinese school, but my elder sis, my younger bro and I the same, potato!

So, naturally, China will be the last country I would wanna visit! Until…………….

I work in this company. Our manufacturing plant is in Wuxi, China. So, no choice man.

My first trip to China was in Jun’06 to Wuxi, of course. That first trip, I traveled with advisor and lady boss, so, we managed to go Shanghai Xiang Yang Market on the last day before we flew back to Sg. (FYI, Xiang Yang Market has closed / shifted ever since then. It’s a market that sells all kind of imitation branded stuffs).

The second time I went there was in Oct’06, by myself. When I travel by myself, surely I take MU. I shared my flight experience in Great Flight Experience.

I am actually quite tired of speaking Chinese-English with the locals. My Chinese sucks… and sometimes, I can’t think of the word. Dear colleagues gotta guess what I said and use their own Chinese word to confirm with me. Well, I guess my Chinese sure will improve over time. Sound so like when I talked to my ex Japanese boss, he “ah no, ah ne” and scratched his head, while I kept guessing what he said and then he’ll go “yes, that’s rite”. Sigh….

And…….. I am sick of getting the waitresses to read out their menu! So sick…… so, normally Diana and I will stick to the same string of restaurants, eating more or less the same thing… I do not really like Chinese food, but steamboat during winter was superb. And prices are incredibly cheap.

Not to mention, their spitting habit, even in Shanghai. Jumping queue habit everywhere in China, you name it, Shanghai, Wuxi, Guangzhou….

Worst....... the men like to lift their legs and put on your side in the plane. :-(
[To the Chinese out there, I have nothing against you... it's just my personal opinion...]

9 lil' thoughts:

KeV's wAlKAbOuT on 1:55 PM said...

wat! They lift up their legs on their airplane seats! OMG. Disgrace sia, never taught how to sit properly.. And some really like to talk lound as well! As if the whole world is interested in what they are saying!

Colleen on 7:25 PM said...

Ya lor Kev... very loud indeed.. :-p

babyfiona on 12:43 AM said...

where are you right now? i can see your face still around my blog woh?not yet reach china issit??

Colleen on 8:43 AM said...

Sorry Fiona, forgot to write the leaving date... it's today, 25th Jun'07.. I am in the airport now... will pop in ur blog again when I am back.. hehehe...

Anonymous said...

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bokjae on 4:14 PM said...

hi colleen, be brave and experience china and perhaps you may love it there! Congrats! hope that is in order. If you have problems with blogspot in china visit for she managed to get past the chinese firewall! Hope to see you blogging often even in China! All our best wishes and may our Lord Jesus Christ protects you and guides you!

Michelle Wun on 11:57 AM said...

Enjoy your trip dear. At least the scenery there is worth to visit. ;)

Sweetpea on 12:32 PM said...

have a great trip! for me, no china. been there once, their hygiene scares the wit out of me. please do get some pocket pack antibacterial handgel where u don't have to wash.... :)

Colleen on 10:13 AM said...

[bokjae] I didn't really enjoy my trip, and luckily it was cut short coz customer canceled the second appointment. God... it's HOT there now! and humid.. :-(

But thanks for your wishes.

[michelle] too bad, this time, 2-weeks trip cut to 4-days trip, so I didn't really go around.

[sweetpea] If go to those decent places, still ok.. not to local frequents.. but thanks for your idea.. :-)


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