Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Question of Love by Isabel Wolff

Remember I borrowed this book before my Italy trip, with 1001 excuses so I can read yet another book? This is it…
A Question of Love by Isabel Wolff

The story started off with Laura being hurt by her husband, Nick, and she grieved for long time. At first I thought Nick’s dead. When I read further, I got to know Nick actually left. Left just like that, one fine day….

3 years on, Laura finally decided to move on with her life and bang… suddenly her college sweetheart Luke came into picture. Luke, married, with a separated wife Magda and a daughter Jessica. Luke obsessed with Jessica would do anything to please his (ex) wife so he can spend time with Jess. Sometimes, to the extent of playing a happy family show so Jess is happy.

Getting back together wasn’t easy especially for Laura. Luke is manipulated by Magda who has a boyfriend but kept “leeching” on Luke. The final call was when Luke hid the fact that he went to Venice with Jess and Magda. So coincidentally, Laura called the hotel room and Magda answered the call.

Realizing she seized yesterday, instead of today, Laura’s life turned into new chapter when she learned that she misunderstood her boss Tom for 3 whole years. And yup, she happy seize TODAY and live happily ever after. :-)

Not going to give the book a high rate, coz it’s slow pace and too long-winded, in my opinion. 2/10.

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