Saturday, June 02, 2007

$$$ Matters :-p

Came back around 2am last night (or shall I say this morning?) then dropped dead in bed. Until 9 plus when I suddenly felt like chatting with J coz he told me he will be working in the morning and then out to shop for his apartment in the noon. It’s already a habit to chat with him everyday. Unfortunately, he wasn’t online. Not sure where he was, coz till now, I have yet to chat properly with him. He is out with friend/s to Coffee Bean now. Haha.. envy him ler, he has so many friends even in Shanghai.

Then I slept again until 4pm. In between that, boss called me twice. First to ask how much Euro my colleague and I will change and the second one was to ask if the money changer accepts NETS payment. I think this may be his first time changing money himself. Last time accounts personnel do for him I guess.

Anyway, then I went to Hougang to accomplish tasks given to me, to change money and to buy pens as souvenirs to our dear Italian customers. But hey, I deviated from my missions.

First I went to Café Cartel to have my only meal of the day. Ya, woke up at 4pm, what do you expect? After the chicken salad, cheese cake (my all time fave) and mocha, I went to money changer to accomplish my first and easy task. [Mission 1 completed, Ding!]

Then I went to library to get myself a book. Haha.. I know, I am not supposed to read until I finish my exam, but hey, that will be like 4 months away. And not to give excuses, but what if there is no nice movie in the plane and I can’t sleep? So, I got this book. Looks good, I like this kind of girlish illustration book. I shall write a review of the book when I finished.

Next, I went to Winter Time. I have one, my one and only luggage bag which I bought last year when I first started traveling. But that bag I used for one week trip to Wuxi, normally la. This time to Italy, we only go like 3 days max, so, I need a smaller luggage bag. Winter Time offers 20% off winter clothing but not on luggage bag. :-(. Anyway, I got this good buy, S$65 for 2 sizes bag. Hehehe.. I know, it’s not branded, but I think can “roughly” use for this trip and Wuxi trip in the future. I left the bags there so I can go shop more.

Good buy :-)

3 is a crowd?

Then I dropped by Popular, you know, Popular always showcase those higher end pens. But this Popular sucks. They have only ball pens, as in, Pilot, BIC those kinds of ball pens. :-( My boss will jump at me and peel my skin alive if I buy those for the Italians!

Next destination was Challenger. I know, I wasn’t supposed to look for pen there, but my heart and my feet kept dragging me into it and my eyes locked at the Canon IXUS 805IS, ya the camera I wanted to buy but keep delaying. I thought I wanted to wait for J to come back and buy when he is around coz he is expert in this. But then… I got the camera. :-p I signed up as membership, so I got the camera at S$629 instead of $649 and the screen protector at $1 off the normal price. I was told if I do not save more than $50 in 2 years after I signed the membership, my membership fees will be refunded. It’s better bargain anyway. And, Challenger doesn’t issue membership card, I just need to tell them my IC number (it is not restricted just to members, non-members can use members’ IC number to do member purchase too) So, if anyone of you would like to buy stuffs from Challenger but do not want to sign up the membership, then just drop me a note, I will give you my IC number for member price! :-)

[Camera wasn’t a necessity, coz my bro lent me his camera. I just thought of, well, why not get one yourself so you can take pics day in and day out for your blog? Hmmm… knowing myself, let’s see how long I can last taking pics with this camera. SA told me to go to PC Fair to check out more freebies, but it's very crowded one ok. The visitors to the fair act as if everything is for free like that]

I wanted to buy a shoe in URS but they ran out of size. Anyway, tomorrow, when I go redeem my 2GB from Canon in VivoCity, I shall shop for shoes. Not too late… kekekee…

All in all, I spent quite A LOT today. Fiona says I should keep the money to spend in Italy instead. Ya lor.. but without all these things, I can’t go to Italy ler.

[Failed 2nd mission!! Can't find a decent shop selling slightly higher end pens in Hougang Mall. :-( I tried REALLY REALLY hard, trust me. I'll have to try in VivoCity tomorrow.]

It’s June now….

I forgot that today is the 2nd. I forgot to pay my rental! By the time I remembered, Auntie Serene said “today is 2nd already huh”. Oppss…

So, I closed my personal accounts today. Can’t believe it, my credit card receipts are everywhere. Luckily my payment is via GIRO, so I need not worry about not getting the bill paid on time. I am a loyal user of GIRO service, easy and convenient for people as lazy as me. But hey, that doesn’t mean I do not check their deduction ok.

And, guess what… if to include my school fees, I spent $10K last month!! My goodness, I think I have better shop lesser. Still have the cheek to think of which hp to change and which MP3 player to buy. :-( Gotta find a better pay job liao… hehehe…

Well, not that scary la.. in that 10K, 5K+ is school fees, 1K+ for TT to Msia, 1K+ for Euro currency, 600+ for camera, 400+ for facial products and others miscellaneous.

I am not a BIG spender ok!

2 lil' thoughts:

KeV's wAlKAbOuT on 3:57 PM said...

Yup.. the think the challenger deal is very good too. 'Cos there are some stuffs in challenger that sells at membership price, and the membership price is sometimes like half of the normal price! So definitely worth it lor in the long run...

Colleen on 4:06 PM said...

OMG, I didn't have time to check out the difference between member and non-member in Challenger.. Some with half the normal price?

I'll definitely go again when I come back.. haha... thanks for the info.. :-)


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