Monday, July 02, 2007

What would you do if.....

Well, this is dedicated to the female readers out there.

"If you were to find your better half (be it your bf or your hubby) having affair with someone and you caught him red-handed, how would you react to the situation?"

Option A, you scold the woman and then scold your better half.
Option B, you thank the woman, ask her to get lost and then confront your better half.

There were no other options, but I will choose neither. If it happens to me, I would choose to walk away, without confronting anyone. He said I should have given a chance for explanation. But I do not think it's necessary. I will not bother to waste even another breath on this man, ever again.

Well, why thank the woman, you would ask. I am not sure either. But heard that it's a kind of psychological stuffs. If you thank the woman for her service to your better half, then you appear more "superior" compared to the "ungrateful couple".

My opinion, if this kind of thing happened, you do not and would not want to appear any superior or inferior, coz you wish you just vanished in the thin air.

2 lil' thoughts:

babyfiona on 12:01 AM said...

hmm...something to ponder..i aint like you..i will have my own choice. To cut off my partner most important part and give the bitch tight slap because i know she deserved it!

Colleen on 7:51 AM said...

Ouch... that's another option! ;-)


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