Sunday, June 10, 2007

Italy Trip Came to End

Ok, I am back in Sg.. R came to pick me from airport yesterday. Boss wanted to see him, to “screen” through my potential. Haha… he gave me LOTS of advice, quoting some of his past experience to me and tell me what I should lookout for in someone. Points noted, boss and advisor actually quite worried, seeing that I am reaching 30 but…. :-p

Now, the updates of my trip.

YM gave this to me (from Wuxi), he bought a few for customer as well.
Boss bought a few of this for wifey. YM and I bought one each. :-)
Cost us €12/ea [came with warranty card :-p]
Day 2
Nothing much to say about Day 2 coz we didn’t go sight seeing. We worked very hard till nearly 7pm. haha… in Italy, it’s considered very late, coz they value their personal time. I was told that they can turn up to work anytime from 8 to 9 in the morning, and then they can leave 9 hours later.

Daytime is way long now, last till 10pm, so, sometimes, I felt like we knocked off too early, but definitely exhausted due to the increasing pressure by hours.

We had horse meat dinner that night, but I ordered lamb. And had a bottle of red wine. :-) Mr. Stoppato, my dearest contact point at customer’s side brought us there. I talk to him alot on the phone and I have always imagined him as an old uncle. :-p

Mr. Stoppato & I

Day 3
We worked hard for another day. Then boss committed a schedule, which added more stress. Then I was told I need to be in Wuxi end of June to help out in preparation for the Purchasing Director to be there first week of July. Which means, if the trips are confirmed, I need to be in Wuxi for 2 weeks, perhaps?

Received this wallet from customer.

We had Italian Chinese food that evening, and it was good. I had gastric and boss gave me medicine, so, I escaped drinking that night.

Day 4
We went to Padova Town Hall and University in the morning before leaving for airport. I didn’t take much pictures here coz I was on the phone handling customer complaint. :-(

Managed to buy some stuffs for myself :-p




And they are all wrapped beautifully in this pouch.


Air service came to pick us from hotel at 11.45am, and we made our way to Venice airport.

Italiano Espresso and Earl Grey Tea
Then boss and I spent 6 hours in Frankfurt airport after YM left for Shanghai.

Chocs liquer with original spirits, in short, chocs with liquor. :-p

Mini bottle of liquor - made of natural herbs for digestive system

Dark Chocs

Lil' Princess loves to unwrap pressie, so, a box of assorted chocs for her.

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Xilly on 3:55 PM said...

I like the €6.99 necklace design. Hope that I can visit there one day....

Judy Chow on 2:16 PM said...

Nice trip you have

Colleen on 3:10 PM said...

Hi Xilly, sure you will! And make sure you spend time there. ;-)

Hi Judy, thanks, I enjoyed myself though it was a short trip. :-p

Colleen on 3:11 PM said...
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Piers said...

Gosh, there is a lot of useful material here!


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