Monday, June 04, 2007

With Meade mySKY, the Sky is in your hand

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Remember our school trips to Planetarium, where we watched a 3D show of the galaxy? If you are just like me, remember vaguely of your schooldays, but still very interested to watch another round of show, look no further.

Now, you can explore the sky using Meade mySKY that comes with audio, video, still images and text to teach you about the wonders of the universe. Meade mySKY is a fun, interactive, multi-media, hand-held guide to the universe that locates and identifies celestial objects in the night sky. All you need to do is to point and shoot to explore the night sky.

Meade Mysky features a full-color LCD screen and the added ability to control a Meade computerized telescope.

Ha… now the sky is in your hand… :-)

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hey hi how long did u need to wait to be pay by PPP once the 'Day until payment' reaches zero?

Bennet said...

This can't succeed in reality, that is what I think.
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