Sunday, June 17, 2007

My favorite food(/s?) :-p

Ok now, the tag I sat on for some time, from Kev. So, Kev, here goes your meme. :-)

I am quite particular about food, fave food actually depend on the weather, the mood, the place and also the company. Hahaha, ya I am a fickle-minded person when it comes to food. I will love this food to death at one moment, then sick of it the very next. :-p

Given a choice, mom’s cooking is always the top in list, especially herbal chicken soup, it’s a must have dish when I go home. :-)

If no choice, all time fave would be lamb chop. I love the lamb chop they serve at V8, the movie restaurant in Bugis. But I am sorry, I do not have the time to go there to take picture. I shall try to load pics in this blog when available.

Some times, I crave for spaghetti, I love the salmon with cream sauce they serve at V8 too, you see, I am a loyal customer there. Haha…

I planned to have lunch at V8 with R today but didn’t make it coz on Fri night, my bro and I received sms from home saying our dearest Aunt by my dad’s side passed away, suddenly, without sickness and peacefully, in her sleep. It was a shock coz the last time I went home, I saw her having good time, doing tai-chi in the morning. So, bro, gf and I rushed back to KL yesterday morning and now, we are back in Sg.

This morning, we had my all time fave breakfast, which is, deng deng deng, the HK dim sum. :-) I love the chee cheong fun the most, with big prawns. :-p

I must apologise that this may not be a good post, but I am rather tired rushing to and from KL in 24 hours. I must get some zzzzZZZZZ....

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3 lil' thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for tagging me. I will do it once I get a nice food photo. ;)

babyfiona on 10:32 AM said...

aiyo, i see already salive dripping out non stop -.-"

Colleen on 2:36 PM said...

Thanks Xilly, I was kinda worried u'll tell me u've done tat n dun wanna do anymore. :-p

Fiona... we had 3 plates of chee cheong fun yesterday.. hahaha.. sekali hapuskan all cravings.. ;-)


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