Wednesday, June 13, 2007

EPAY Inc - Debit Cards & Virtual Credit Cards

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EPAY Inc provides MasterCard debit cards and MasterCard re-loadable virtual credit cards.

I remember getting a debit card when I first started working coz I was worried I do not know how to manage my money if I use credit card. Generally, by using debit cards, means you are “withdrawing” money from your pre-fixed bank account, means, you’ll not use money you do not have. It’s good if you would like to control your spending.

By using credit cards, sometimes, you overspend. You need some tools to manage your cards. EPAY member service comes in handy by offering services like various transfer options, SMS services for payments, balance or invoices and etc.

Using a single EPAY account members can perform online money transfer internationally, make online payments to different countries, and accept payments from any country... instantly and in the most secured way.

Oh, and if you are using PayPal, you can verify your PayPal using EPAY virtual credit cards. :-)

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Eden on 12:23 PM said...

I agree completely.


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