Monday, December 11, 2006

Dongguan, Guangzhou

Should be published on 21st Nov'06

Just came back from Dongguan. Other than the weather, I love the place because of the Cantonese speaking people! :-)

Went there on Monday, on SQ, but not many choices on Movies On Demand, chose to watch Me, You & Dupree on the way there.

Took a cab that cost us RMB 400 from airport to the hotel. The meeting was at night, over dinner. Visited a supplier yesterday and was impressed by how well the "China" factories were doing. Heard that the employees grew from 2,000 people in Year 2003 to 10,200 people today. The processes are fast and accurate. Good work there, making me feel so inferior. :-(

Luckily, there were more choices on the way back. Watched The Lake House and Click on the way back last night, my kind of shows. :-)

I am tired today, due to all the stairs climbing. The weather is bad here. :-(

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