Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good, but not good enough...

I thought I was treating MIL really well, was attentive towards her needs though at times couldn't understand the traditional side of her. Last night, when we got home from work, she told us she was referred to TTSH for a more thorough check-up on her throat.

She had been complaining about bad throats for months now. That was why she restraint from taking fried and oily food. She had never ate anything fried, though she prepares them all the time, for who else, but us. I felt bad coz I have never paid too much attention on the painful throat. Other than ocassional double boiling pear and pei pah gao for her and hubby.

As hubby was not able to take the day off today, I had to company MIL to TTSH. Hubby dropped us at the hospital. Appointment was at 10am, but we were already there at 8.49am.

The doc was an Indian, so I had to act as the interpreter.

"What kind of medicine is she taking now..?"
"Any drug allergic?"

I was like, "err..."

Deep down, I thought to myself, if one day, MIL fainted and need medical assistance, we'll have problem. The consolation was, the hospital could access the polyclinic's medical record. Phew...

Btw, MIL is 79 years old this year....

2 lil' thoughts:

babyfiona on 10:22 AM said...

don't worry to much, u r not alone :D
But anyway,since u r staying together, try to get close to her..since she edy 79 years old?

Colleen on 10:27 AM said...

Yes dear.. thanks.. we must treasure the old ones when they are still around.. :-)


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