Friday, February 06, 2009

We got married... :-)

It have been months since I last wrote here. So many things happened over the short period.

I got engaged in July last year, busy preparing for wedding and we finally got married on 3rd Jan'09. :-)

We wanted it to be a very simple ceremony, but ended doing something more, but still quite simple.
I was complaining about the hassles and efforts to put in for the wedding, but now that it's over, I wish I could have more time to enjoy the process. :-p

It's a brand new chapter in life, I am not able to tell what is the difference yet, other than, I'll have to get used to people addressing me "Mrs. Teo". :-)

5 lil' thoughts:

Sea Gull Lighting on 12:59 AM said...

Congrats on getting married. I hope that you enjoy the new life you two have together. I bet it will be great!

babyfiona on 8:35 PM said...

haha, no worry about the mrs thingy. You will eventually get used to it.

P/s: even if not, also never mind, because i am still not used to it being mrs. chan until today! kakaka

Anonymous said...

ty man.this is good text sozluk

Limoeg on 5:35 PM said...

Congratulations and good luck!

Lemonjude on 2:18 PM said...

It have been a while not chat with you over the MSN. Congrats on your big day.


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