Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The very first step towards perfection...

I am taking the very first step towards perfection... Or at least I hope it is the very first step.

I meant eyes perfection. Yes, I have finally decided it is time to get my eyes “perfected” by LASIK. ;-)

I am still concerned about the side effect, but when I read forums that are related to LASIK, I am kind of confident it’ll work out just fine.

First thing first, I have to get my eyes evaluated, if I am a suitable LASIK candidate.

I explored SNEC’s (Singapore National Eye Centre) website and was rather impressed by the technology and the price. Well, I admit I am not those who go to various websites to compare the prices or technologies. So, SNEC it is.

So coincidently, my colleague went to SNEC for pre-assessment just weeks ago. She passed me the brochure, in which I passed to hubby and asked him to read, “Make sure you finished reading it tonight dear”.

When he is done, I asked, “so, how? Can I make appointment? I thought of getting it done by National day”.

It’s actually less than a month away. Hahaha… yeah, when I have decided to do something, I would really want to do it IMMEDIATELY.

Hubby said, “ok, but when will they be free for appointment?”

“I’ll call and check”, I said.

I did.

The customer service officer was very friendly, and she asked if I have any preferred surgeon. Well, I said no, coz the rates are different from SNEC Assigned Surgeon, to Consultant and to Senior Consultant.

“Ok, let me run the system for a while and see who is the surgeon assigned for you”.

“Oh… ok”

“Sorry to keep you waiting. We’ve got the name of the surgeon, and she’ll be Dr. Cordelia Chan. She’ll be available on Mon and Wed noon; and Fri morning and noon”.

Although I preferred to have Saturday consultation, I opted for a Friday morning, thinking I could go back to office right after.

“Ok, Friday morning. We’ll give you a MC for that”.


I am very excited now. I can’t wait to have the result, AM I A SUITABLE LASIK CANDIDATE? Or am I destined to wear contact lenses and glasses for the rest of my life?

To be revealed on Friday! ;-)

4 lil' thoughts:

linhka on 9:31 AM said...

Great blog, thanx

CT on 12:13 AM said...

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Jacjac on 11:39 AM said...

oh my you hit a jackpot. Dr cordelia chan is a senior head consultant currently T.T im planning to book a preassessment lasik appointment too by a snec assigned doctor

Kenneth said...


I chance upon your blog and saw you had lasik done by Dr Cordelia Chan?

How was it? Was she ok.



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