Tuesday, April 14, 2009

White Flower Masks...

These are some of the masks I purchased from Flowerbeds on Saturday.. :-) Usual price: S$2.50/pc OR S$10/5pcs, but I could get them at a discounted rate.. :-) :-)

White Flower range of mask comes in 13 types of extract:

Red Ginseng Collagen Mask Sheet: super antioxidant, cell renewing, nourishing

Conenzyme Q-10 Collagen Mask Sheet: firming, cell renewing, deep skin nourishment

Grape Essence Mask Sheet: firming, natural source for skin radiance, nourishing

Green Tea Essence Mask Sheet: firming, moisturising, purifying

Herb Collagen Mask Sheet: for troubled skin, revitalising, balancing

Pearl Collagen Mask Sheet: whitening, moisturising, firming

Rice Collagen Mask Sheet: clarifying, immediate effects, radiance

Tomato Essence Mask Sheet: brightening, nourishing, natural skin renewal

Cucumber Essence Mask Sheet: brightening, clarifying, soothing

Masks I am going to try the next time:

Lemon Essence Mask Sheet: whitening, firming, tightening, injection of Vitamin C

Loess Collagen Mask Sheet: cleansing nourishing, detoxification using living enzymes

Aloe Essence Mask Sheet: astringing, soothing, balance nourishment

Punica Essence Mask Sheet: powerful anti-oxidant, protective, revitalising

Herb Collagen Mask Sheet: for troubled skin, revitalising, balancing

PS: Drop me a message if you would like to know more ;-) I guarantee you, the price is definitely lower than what you can see in the website.

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Football Helmets on 12:46 AM said...

I like masks, they make my face feel good. I think I will pick up some later today so that I can feel refreshed. Thanks for sharing!

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