Sunday, December 06, 2009

Garmin-Asus M20.. answer to my prayer..?

As well known as I am among the colleagues for someone who can laugh out real loud, I am also well known for my lack-of, or should I say almost non-existence orientation in the street.

For as long as I could remember, I have never been able to reach my destination without much sweat and direction asking.

I could alight 2 bus stops earlier to work and had to take another bus for the remaining bus stops.

I could take the wrong exit from the MRT and have no freaking idea on where I was and how to get to my destination.

I could have few people teaching me how to go to places I wanted to go and still, the best way to get me there safely, was to take the cab.

Once, I took bus from Aljunied MRT, to go home in Hougang. But I took a bus and didn't know where it was heading to, and I alighted at a bus stop I thought somewhere near a location I could recognised. But to realise I was somewhere near Eunos MRT and I had to take another bus to go home again.

Hubby bought Garmin-Nuvi GPS as my Xmas gift last year. He was afraid I couldn't find my way when I drive. But he's driving most of the times, I wish I could have a more mobile GPS so I will not get lost, ever again.

Garmin-Asus M20 sounds like the answer to my prayer.

It is a very stylish touchphone, with unbelievable functions.

Comes with high speed internet, using Windows Mobile Pro, it comes with a 3MP camera and 4GB memory. How cool..

What's more, the navigation function is COOL!

It comes with a voice prompted, turn-by-turn directions that speaks street names. Cool!

It can also be optimised to be used in car with included car mount. Cool!

The best part... jeng jeng jeng... it has the "Where Am I" safety feature that displays user's current address and nearest police station, hospital, and fuel services in just one click. COOL HUH!

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Pam on 6:04 AM said...

I would like to share my experience with the same device. I use it only while I am driving but it is the same. The voice of the man/women that nonstop repeats "You are speeding" makes me crazy but whatever...My advice is to keep the information about the maps in your GPS updated because it could make you stop on the highway, for example, or drive through the field:) Good luck!


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