Saturday, April 18, 2009

BB Cream

One of the hype in Asian beauty product is the BB cream.

What is BB cream?
There are different types of BB cream in the market. Most of them with one common explanation. It is a tinted moisturiser for blemishes, works as a make-up base / foundation for skin with acne, spots and scars. Some of the BB cream in the market also provide UV protection.

What does BB cream stands for?
BB is the abbreviation for Blemish Balm.

What so great about this BB cream?
BB cream effectively combines plant-complex and includes seramide, lecihin and allantoin to function as a powerful skin care. Squalene oil reduces skin troubles. It was invented by a German Scientist for quick recovery of blemish and scars during cosmetic surgery. The Koreans added this into their BB cream product.

In short, by using BB cream, you'll not just be able to cover your blemishes or scars, but heal them in long run.

Personal experience:
I bought this PRIVIA BB cream from Flowerbeds, who is the sole distributor for PRIVIA beauty products in Singapore.

At first I thought I may not be able to use the cream, as I have dark complexion. There are many comment online that they are not suitable for dark skin.

Bought the cream for less than S$30 (it's definitely way cheaper than those available off the counter), and mind you, PRIVIA is none inferior in any way, it is just not well publicised in Singapore.

The packaging was beautiful to start with.

The Nano Technology:

It also came sealed, ensuring you the tip top hygiene protection.

Best thing is, it blended onto my skin so effortlessly, I top it up with my foundation. Seriously, it didn't look like it's on my face, covering my acne scar just so nicely, like it's my second skin.

I have been using the cream for over a week. Not too sure if it's psychology, or my blemises are actually improving. We shall let time tell us the truth. For now, I am really glad I got the cream.

1)Cheaper than other brand in the market
2)Came sealed ensuring hygiene protection
3)Blends like second skin
4)Doesn't look like heavy make-up at all
5)Blemishes seems to be healing

1)Shade is light, but you can put on your dark foundation on top to solve this

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