Monday, October 12, 2009

Maybe.. and maybe not...

Last week, I had a sudden, haste vision.

I would like to resign.

Even without a job.

That was how bad it was in the office. So de-motivated I couldn’t take it even if I had to work one more day last week. I was determined…

Then I went to facial and massage session on Sat. As I was early, I went shopping around.

Saw some clothes that are really nice.

“I will not need these working clothes anymore”, I thought to myself.

Moved to next shop, to discover more working clothes. Temptations…

Then I saw some accessories, nice shoes but resisted the tempations…

“I won’t need any of these stuffs.”

Suddenly, a very deep thought came into my mind.

If I resign, how else will I pay my monthly “fixed” payment. My LASIK, massage, facial, accident protection, both households that mounts up to S$1.3K a month. I’ll be in deep debt until July next year.

And so, the determination to resign disappeared.

All the thoughts:

“Heck, hubby can give me S$500 a month, why make life so difficult?”

“I can jolly well resign and get a temp job somewhere while looking for a better opportunity.”

“I just want to be happy; I couldn’t care less about the job.”

So how?

Today, I try to take things easy, and I feel easy.

Maybe I should take things easily from now on… till the next peak.

2 lil' thoughts:

babyfiona on 10:53 PM said...

hmm maybe tahan for another half a year and then resign to become siu lai lai? and make babies :P

Take things easily, then you will be more relax :)

Been there before so I do understand how you feel.

Colleen on 1:14 PM said...

become siu lai lai will turn into mushroom.. :-(

like tis cannot like tat cannot.. :-(


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